Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
The Honda Integra, Acura Integra to the US market was manufactured by Honda from the year 1985 to 2006. Over the past 20 odd years or so, Honda has come up with a range of series Integras. Here is a little history lesson for those who aren’t familiar with the lineage of Honda Integras.

Series AV, DA1-DA3 (1985-1989)
Series DA5-DA9, DB1-DB2 (1990-1993)
Series DB6-DB9(4WD), DC1-DC2, DC4 (1994-2001)
Series DC5 (2002-2006)

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
The mass production Integra came in a few versions, namely the 3-door liftback, 5-door liftback, 4-door sedan and the 4-door “B” pillar hardtop sedan. In 1995 Honda introduced the Integra Type R to the Japanese domestic market. The JDM Type R had the minor change long headlights that remained only for the JDM models while the world market version had the pre-facelift double round lights.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
The DC2 Type R came standard with a 200 PS factory-tuned variant of the B18C engine. Equipped with a close ratio 5-speed manual transmission and a Helical LSD, the DC2 Integra Type R had significantly improved performance and handling relative to the GS-R/Si/SiR-G Integra. The JDM DC2 received significant upgrades in 1998 and is known as the ’98 Spec R.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
Some of the main changes were a redesigned rear bumper, 16-inch wheel with 215/45R16 tires, 5-lug nut wheel hubs and bigger brakes. Gear ratios for the final drive were higher, making 1st to 3rd gears closer, while 4th and 5th were longer to maintain the ’96 Spec cruising comfort.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
Brief history done, now on to our feature!

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
In today’s feature, we have a very mint original 98 spec Integra Type R. The owner, Zebedee Tay (a.k.a Zeb) bought this beautiful immaculate car just recently. I still remember the text I got from Zeb one fine day about him when he saw the car. “Bro I saw this Integra Dc2 Type R and it’s awesome!” A week later, “Bro, I bought the car already!” Talk about impulsive shopping! You win hands down Zeb!

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
Zebedee, a baby face racer is a frequent face in SIC. Running in track days to Time Attacks with his other monster (Wide Bodied Altezza). His passion for all things racing has been shown with amazing results with his Altezza and a few wins under his belt. As he continues to develop his race car, Zeb missed the feel of spirited drives up the infamous touge routes. Hence began the search for another daily ride that could double up as a weekend warrior.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
When asked why an FF(Front Engine Front Wheel) layout car when for the longest time he was driving an FR(Front Engine Rear Wheel) layout Altezza, Zeb mentioned that he found that an FF layout car’s handling was surprisingly decent during his stint in the recent S1k race and he had much to learn how to drive a FF car well. Whilst in the market for a decent machine, Zeb stumbled across an ad on the web “Original ITR for sale”. Immediately, Zeb picked up his phone and scheduled for a test drive.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
“I am going to keep this car stock bro, not going to touch it….much” is a phrase that has been used by all car junkies with gasoline in their veins more times than a drunkard saying “I am not drunk”. This applies to Zeb as well when he too mentioned that very same line to everyone he met the day he bought the Integra Dc2 Type R.

Integra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
Zeb’s Integra Dc2 Type R is an original 98 spec Integra R running an original and unmolested B18C-R engine. The car came with some goodies itself like a 4.785 LSD Gearbox from factory. Though he said he will keep the car as stock as he can, he failed miserably in my books. (Sorry Zeb). To date, he has swapped out the suspensions to the latest TEIN Monosport series (replacing Monoflex). Next, for the occasional track days, he needed more camber. So he fitted a set of HARDRACE front and rear camber adjustable arms. Next since new alignment setting was necessary, might as well fit a set of fresh and sticky Yokohama ADVAN AD08R tyres.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
Zeb focuses mainly on handling and lightening as a priority at the moment hence he has left the engine section lightly modded. The previous owner had already installed tasteful modifications like a set of  original SPOON 4-2-1 extractor which Zeb now mated to a custom 2.5 inch centre pipe and ending it with an FGK RM-01A rear muffler for a quietidle but with some gnarly vtec orgasmic screams when vtec kicks in. To keep things cool, the car already came with a TABATA S2 Aluminium Radiator and a SARD racing thermostat plus SAMCO (red) hoses which gives peace of mind during track days. With some minor tweeks in tuning done by William Chong of Riyoz Racing with his APEX’i Power FC, the engine is now pushing 185BHP at the wheel! All that coming out from a 1.8cc engine! What black magic is this?

Integra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz
For braking, Zeb opted to stick with the original setup for now as he finds the stopping power sufficient for the current engine power. Just minor improvements such as changing the front disks to a slotted pair with pads from EBC (yellow stuff) were made to ensure zero fade for a few laps around Sepang.
Moving on to the interior, Zeb kept everything fairly simple and standard as a lot of Type R goodies came along with the car. A set of Defi meters make sure that the oil pressure and temperature are in check during spirited driving. Next, power FC power commander is strategically placed to monitor engine parameters. The original steering was swapped to a 330mm Nardi deep dish steering for quicker steering response.

Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R McclubzIntegra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R Mcclubz Integra Dc2 Type R
From the day Zeb bought his car, he has always had his ITR maintained and Tuned by Riyoz Racing and all the mechanical fluids are from SPEEDMASTER Japan. At the end of the day, each car represents its owners taste. Some like it fast and furious, some like it stanced and slammed. We are not here to judge but to enjoy what we have. Each to its own I must say.

Integra Dc2 Type R Integra Dc2 Type R Integra Dc2 Type R
Spec Sheet;
– 98-spec B18C-R Engine (Original and Unmolested)
– 4.785 LSD Gearbox (Original and Unmolested)
– ATS Carbon Clutch and Flywheel 
- B16B Camshaft
– TODA Cam Pulley
- SAMCO radiator hoses (RED)
– TABATA S2 Aluminium Radiator
– SARD Racing thermostat
– NGK plug cables
– ARC Intake Pipe
– HKS Air Filter
– GOODRIDGE Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
– EBC Disc Brakes
– EBC Brake Pads
– DEFI Oil Pressure and Temp
– DEFI Controller
– OBX Meter Cluster Gauge Pods
– APEX’I Pen timer
– S2000 Starter Button
– SPOON 4-2-1 Extractor
– Custom 2.5 inch centre pipe
– FGK RM-01A rear muffler
– Japan made FRP bonnet
– TEIN Monosport suspension
– HARDRACE front camber adjustable A-arm
– HARDRACE rear camber adjustable arm
– Nardi 330mm deep dish steering
– Yokohama ADVAN AD08R 205/45/16 tyres
– SPEEDMASTER racing engine oil, LSD oil and Gear oil.
Car tuned and maintained by Riyoz Racing.

Integra Dc2 Type RIntegra Dc2 Type R