Do you still remember that very first day when you were handed the keys to your very first car? Be it a beater, a clunk, a hand-me-down or a brand new car (if you or your parents have deep pockets). The joy and happiness when you crank the engine over for the very first time. You promised yourself that no matter what, you will not sell that car. You will stick to it until the very end. Here’s the question; did you?

Meet Dennis and his first love, a 1996 Proton Wira. The car was initially Dennis’s parents but when the time came for him in need of a transport, the keys to this Proton Wira was handed over to him. That was 15 years ago. Back then, the car was completely different from what the monster is today. It started life as a 1.5cc Auto Carburetor. From day 1 of ownership until this very day, Dennis has never stopped improving on his Wira. Tinkering with every single little part either to improve it or to mend what was broken.

For those who do not know, Dennis is a DIY maestro. Most of the mods done to his Wira were done mainly himself. Back in year 2000 when he was still a college student, Dennis did not have much money nor did his parents gave him much allowance. The only way that Dennis could enjoy his hobby was to do it himself.

With some odd jobs here and there, he managed a couple dollars and cents and all of it was channeled into his Wira. Talk about dedication. This man proves that with hard work and determination. Nothing is an obstacle. This level of dedication has lead Dennis to built his passion into a dream.

I still remember the days when both Dennis and I were running with our crew, Hot Shots. All of us were still in college and our passion for cars was the connecting point that glued us together. All of our rides were different. But we were still united by the same thing, our love for cars. Dennis was always the go to guy when our rides were in need of minor tweaks and mods. Be it some LED modification to our headlights or to cabin lightings and audio or even light bodywork. Dennis does it all.

In 2004, Dennis started Denskiro Automotive works. Sticking to his DIY roots, Dennis does everything in-house, quite literally. He operates everything right at home. Dennis does all sorts of services. From detailing works to a full car wrap. Body work to electronic trinkets, Dennis does it all. Dennis’s Wira has been through many phases in modification. Like him, his car oozes with character.

Dennis’s car is running on coilovers ladies & gentleman, this car is not on bags. He is running this setup 24 7. When I say dedication, I really mean it. His Wira might not be the lowest scraping car around. But his setup is close to perfect. His car is no trailer queen all show no go car show model. Dennis drives the car hard. He builds his car to have fun and yet with character. Everyone would opt for the easy way out when it comes to juicing out as much horsepower as one could possibly can by swapping out the engine for a bigger one. That is not the case for Dennis.

As again, sticking to his roots, Dennis opted for the other way. Not the easiest route but a more fulfilling one. Dennis has completely rebuilt his engine up from scratch.

Swapping out the auto gearbox for a manual one.

Ditching the carburetor setup for a more modern fuel injection setup. And concentrating on the suspension and handling setup.

Moving onto the interior, Dennis has kept to a simple and uniformed approach. Bride full bucket seats. Interior rewrapped with Bride theme flowing. And to top off the cake with sweet icing, original Bride rear seats from an Evo 6. Now this is a rare find, a diamond in the rough. Initially I thought it was a rewrap of the original rear seat until Dennis pointed out to me that it isn’t.

All the meters are installed by him. Many DIY works are laid out here in this interior. From underdash and seat LED lighting to a DIY LED instrument panel. Everything done by the man himself.


Dennis’s car is one of those project cars that are constantly evolving. And till this day, he is still constantly trying out new ideas to his car. He will keep modifying his Wira and find new ways to perfect his car as he continue to learn more and master new skills as time goes by.

For now, he wants to enjoy his harvest. Dennis intends to track his car in the near future and continue driving and enjoying his first love. Dennis would never part with his Wira no matter how much he is offered.

The relationship and connection that he has with his car is truly remarkable. This is a man that has kept to his promise, the promise that we have all once made but some could never fulfill. Sticking to his first car until the very end. Happy Merdeka and happy holidays everyone!