IMG_8377Ever since his 1st creation, Nakai-san has had a huge cult following around the world whereby Nakai-san travels around the globe making dreams come true and churning out one build after another.

IMG_9160Till date, there is roughly over 100 cars and counting. And possibly doubled of that figure in Japan itself alone. Here in Malaysia however, there are 4 RWB cars. 3 were owned by the same man and another is from down south, JB. And now, the 5th RWB is born, right here on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

IMG_8251Meet Kenneth, Zachary and Teoh. The 3 musketeers. These 3 friends go way back and their passion for cars grew just as how tight their friendship was throughout the years. As years passed, the taste for finer things in life grew along as well for these 3 friends.


From left: Zac / Kenneth / Teoh

This applied to their tastes in cars as well. It is true when they say when the modifying bug bit you, there is no turning back. This trio was always car guys and modders all along. Never to leave things alone no matter if it was of a Continental or Japanese build. The trio began falling in love with classic cars and resto-modding. And when they had the opportunity to acquire a Porsche 964 Cab, they jumped to the chance. Little did you know, initially they started off with a 996 but for the trio, the 996 was not quite “classic” enough for their liking hence the swap to the 964.

The journey of resto-modding the 964 began. Initial plans were to restore the car to its former glory. That plan went out the window after a discussion over dinner one night when the trio was discussing ways to make the car the ultimate 964.

IMG_8836Lo and behold, RWB came to mind. Teoh then convinced his 2 brothers in arms that it would work out and indeed it worked out just astonishingly well. With charm and slick moves, Teoh managed to convince the guys and well, the rest was as they say is history.

IMG_9267A realization of a dream takes more than just hopes and dreams. There has to be action. The trio did their studies and research about RWB. Drilling their heads with knowledge apart from what they already knew and continued obtaining more of what they did not. So happen, RWB was already here in Malaysia at that point of time in the form of RWB Malaysia via Christian Coujin. The trio then got in touched with him and expressed their desire to build an RWB car here in KL city itself as prior to this build; the first 4 builds were in Johor state.

Seeing as the 964 was the first RWB to be build here in KL itself, the trio naturally became the representatives of RWB here in KL. Henceforth RWB Kuala Lumpur was born. After the confirmation of the dates was set, the trio got down to business. Everything must be in order to help ease the build time for Nakai-san. The 964 was torn down for a complete restoration from ground up. No expenses were spared. When the kits finally arrived, it was sent to be painted and prepped. Initially, the trio wanted to go with Guards red. But after a few reconsiderations, they went with the eye popping Riviera Blue instead. An excellent decision nevertheless.

IMG_8222As I was talking to Teoh, I brought up the topic as to how much it would cost to build a RWB. (Yes I too am a huge fan boy of the RWB) Factoring out the cost of the car, the kit itself will put you back a hefty sum but that pocket change will include Nakai-san himself coming over to assemble the car perfectly for you. Just remember to stock up on cigarettes and Stella Artois. You will need that.


Winston Reds

As the days draw closer to the build, the trio was deciding on a perfect spot for the build to progress. So happened at that time, Tengku Azman who is a long time friend of the trio just started The Garage KL. The facility is an amazing piece of work. With a trendy café with awesome food on the 1st floor (Mcclubz were well fed during the 3 days build. Thank you so much!) And a vast area to accommodate the build it was the perfect combination. Tengku Azman then invited and welcomed the trio to have the build progress at his yet to be launched premise. We can’t wait to come back to The Garage KL again.

IMG_7675The build went on about smoothly. Each day it attracted huge numbers of enthusiasts all around KL to drop by and witness the birth of RWB #1 KL. It was really an amazing time to see that with a build happening. Friends from across the globe would gather and meet. New acquaintances were made and joy and laughter could be heard all over.

How does it feel like to cut a piece off your car there Teoh?

IMG_8243The guys decided to go for a set of Work Meister M1 3P 18-inch wheels went for a set of Michelin Super Sport Tires and paired with a set of KW V3 Coilovers, height and two way damper adjustable.

What an impressive setup. Nakai-san is a maestro in his own world. He got straight down to business only stopping for his occasional cigarette breaks. Each step of the build was done with such attention. No stone was left unturned. Every single detail of the build was meticulously molded into place. Just watching Nakai-san works really inspires me to be more focused and attentive in all other aspects I do in my daily life. All my respects are towards this man.

As the days passed, the build was coming close to an end. With the Idlers stencils being applied onto the tires and the famous RAUH WELT stickers applied onto the car, we know that this was the cue to the finishing of the build.

And with all other builds that Nakai-san has completed. He would then christen the cars with a name. Although Nakai-san mentioned before that he doesn’t name the cars, it just comes to him naturally. At about 12.45am on a Sunday morning, Nakai-san muttered out a single world. “Miyabi”

IMG_9319“Elegance”, “refinement”, “courtliness” or sometimes referred to as “heart-breaker” this couldn’t be any more true and exact when it comes to this build. How Nakai-san comes out with the names are truly impressive and yet subtle. RWB MIYABI, a perfect representation for this car to the tee.

Akira Nakai-san is indeed and truly a legend of his time. A man of few words. A humble man. A legend. I will always remember how he reflects his life into his passion and his famous quote “I never think about the future, I just think about the “now.” I just want to enjoy what I do.” How can one be more inspired?


Specs N Mods
Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet (M)
Year 1990
Color : Riviera Blue
MODS:- RWB 964 super wide Kit with Ducktail
Wheels : Work wheels Meister M1
Size: 18×10.5 front, 18×12 rear Offset *massive*
Tyre size: 265 front 295 rear
Suspension: KW V3 Coilovers, height and two way damper adjustable
Exhaust: custom
Interior Mods:
Steering wheel: Momo Prototipo
Pedal Set : Rennline pedal set
Seats and interior Original (rewrapped in alcantera leather with custom red stitching)

3.6 lit NA boxer engine.
standard engine, overhauled for reliability and drivability for the build.
cooling fan and intake manifolds color coded riviera blue to match.