The Volkswagen Golf is a small family car, which is produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen in the year 1974. Till date, the Golf is still in production and it is at the moment in its 7th generation or more commonly known as the MKVII.

The Golf is also marketed worldwide under various body configurations. It came with the 5-door & 3-door hatchback, 5-door wagon, 2-door convertible and also the 5-door MPV but most of the production of the Golf was initially in the 3-door hatchback style. The Golf is commonly known also as the Volkswagen Rabbit in the US & Canada market.

The original Golf Mk1 was a front-wheel drive, front-engine based setup. The car was a replacement for their Volkswagen Beetle, which was an air-cooled, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup. The beginning of this era of front wheel drive based machine has eventually continued the legacy for Volkswagen.

In today’s feature, we have Teoh’s personal Golf GTI MK2. For those who do not know, Teoh is also one of the 3 musketeers from our RWB Kuala Lumpur Miyabi feature. This MK2 is one car that Teoh adores a lot. Teoh bought this car from an architect about 2 years ago. Prior to his purchase, the previous owner was in the process of restoring the car as well. Generally, Teoh mentioned that the car was in good condition but needed some TLC at the engine department.

Teoh is no newbie when it comes to the automotive scene. Like many of us, he started out young. For Teoh, it was when he was studying in Australia. He bought a Honda Civic Hatch and tinkered around with it during his stint in Australia. Sadly, the car was written off by one of his housemates. He then moved on to purchase his first ever Turbo powered monster. A Ford TX3 Turbo AWD. He had heaps of fun with the Ford and upon coming back to Malaysia; he took over the family car, which so happened to be an A31 Nissan Cefiro. Guess what he did with it? No prizes on guessing what he did with his Cefiro though. After the A31, Teoh bought himself a Nissan S15 Spec S. Rear wheel drive turbo layout just spells FUN! Eventually, age caught up to him. Teoh started a family and it was time for him to get a family car, well sort of. He sold the S15 (which he regrets until this very day) and got himself a low mileage Subaru Forester SG9. Amazingly enough, all his cars are in black just like the latest addition to his collection, the MK2.

From our RWB Miyabi post, I’ve mentioned before that Teoh and his friends were always car guys. No matter what car it would be they would always be itching to tinker with them. The guys were at the stage where they are getting into resto-modding classic cars and were always (and when I say always, I mean it) on the look out for good cars to buy.

Zac, one of the 3 musketeers was the first to purchase a Golf GTI MK1. (Feature coming soon) Friends play a huge part in our lives. Especially when it comes to influential decisions. Zac’s decision in purchasing the MK1 was a major influence to Teoh to get his own Golf. Shortly after Zac’s purchase, an MK2 popped up for sale. Without thinking much, Teoh jumped the gun on the MK2.

Hence began the journey of the brotherhood of classic cars. The early Golfs were always considered as ‘Hero’ cars as they defined the hot hatch era. Although the car was from an era where high tech ECUs and what not are not in play yet.

No intelligent performance that can track your lateral Gs and cornering speed. The MK2 still has its own appeal. Its boxy shape has its own power to allure. It still has the handling and drivability package that puts some modern car in its place. This was one of the many reasons too that Teoh eventually fell for this car. The drivability and the fun factor indeed played a part in his decision of purchasing the car.

As soon as Teoh got the car, work started almost immediately. Teoh was looking for replacement parts and began resto-modding the car. NOS parts were valuable finds. He graced the pages off the World Wide Web and left no stone unturned to source for replacement parts for his little project.

Wheels and suspension was top on the list for Teoh and that was the easiest department for him. This was because he was one of the suppliers for KW and it became only natural to go with the brand that he is familiar with. However, the MK2 is running on ST Engineering coilovers. Little did I know until being clarified by Teoh that ST engineering is a subsidiary of KW Suspension and was recently acquired by KW. So happened that there was a set for the MK2, which Teoh decided to try. Using the same technology as KW suspension but with a lower cost due to some less ‘fancy’ shiny materials used. What is not to like about that? Teoh had no regrets with his decision until today.

If you have not noticed by now, this MK2 is running on 2 sets of wheels. Same design but in different finishing. Some might not fancy the outcome but I think it gives out that ‘two face Harvey Dent look’ just so nicely. Luckily the PCD for early VW Golfs were in the 100 x 4 pattern, which meant that Teoh has a wider selection of wheels available for his car. He opted for a smaller set of wheels, which meant it was cheaper for him and therefore allowing him to afford 2 sets of wheels. And with that menacing outcome on both sides, it was a fine decision indeed.

Teoh’s MK2 has a mix of JDM/Euro feel to it. The car is slammed with a dual wheel set up and according to Teoh, he is thinking of going even lower in the near future.

The front grill was replaced with the euro styled grill, badgeless and he went for the single light set up. Teoh smoked the rear lights to match the black body. The car came with the big bumpers setup; Teoh mentioned that originally, the early model comes with small bumpers.

That is one future mod that Teoh will be returning to its origin. The interior remains mostly stock except for a Nardi Classico wood steering wheel.

The exhaust is a Remus back box. Teoh mentioned that the remaining system is in the works for his future mod lists.

The car came with the MK2 2litres engine and with an MK3 ABF engine head to further increased its capacity. Teoh has overhauled the engine when he obtained the car just so that it would be running better and be more reliable for his Sunday drives.

Also, for a peace in mind knowing that the car has already aged for quite a bit. Teoh said that driving the car is extremely fun. With its lightweight and nimble body, the car has just enough power to make the right noises. It was a joy driving it and not to mention turning some heads at the same time, for those who appreciate a good classic car that is. Teoh has tracked the car once at a Euro car track day. He was the only MK2 there in a sea of late model Golfs, Audis and BMWs. He said that it was fun to see the bewildered looks on some of the drivers. Especially for those who are too young to even remember the cars existence.

During one of his morning drives, Teoh had a throttle failure due to a worn throttle cable grommet, he lost total throttle response and his throttle pedal had literally fallen straight onto the floor. He had quite a scare there but luckily enough, Teoh was on a straight stretch of road and he was able to coast to a parking area to make quick repairs to reconnect the cable back and drive it home gently. That’s the fun you get if you are living the classic car life. Although there might be mishaps along the way but Teoh said that he would keep driving the car as often as possible and hopefully one day, he could hand the keys of the MK2 over to his son.


Spec Sheet

Make: VW
Model: Golf GTI Mk2
Engine: 2 lt ABF engine head.
Transmission: 5 spd Manual
Brake: Stock vented disc front, solid disc rear
Suspension: ST Engineering Coilovers (height & damping adjustable)
Wheels: 15×6 BBS RA (stock) , 15×8 BBS RS (rep)
Tyres: Toyo T1-R
Interior: stock, Nardi Calssico Wood
Exterior: Euro front grill single headlight badgeless, smoked tail lights.