Cue Euro Mix Techno, toufu and mountain passes, what do you get? The infamous anime called Initial D. Originally, Initial D (Inisharu Di) is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno. Young Magazine then went ahead to serialize it from 1995 to 2013 with all the chapters collected into 48 volumes.

RICKY-S13-0124The anime was then released on April 18th 1998. For those of you who is living in a cave or rarely see the day of light, this anime / manga focuses on the world of illegal Japanese street racing where all the action are mostly concentrated on the mountain passes (touge). Drifting was heavily emphasized in particular for Initial D. even Professional racecar driver and pioneer of drifting Keiichi Tsuchiya-san helped with the editorial supervision.

RICKY-S13-0032For some, Initial D was the turning point in their automotive live. Every inch of fiber in the male anatomy was inflicted one way or another after watching or reading Initial D. Whilst some might say the Fast & Furious franchise was theirs, for Ricky, Intial D was the shizniz.

Ricky was a huge fan of the series but with a slight difference. His hero car wasn’t the toufu cladded panda schemed AE86. Instead it was Koichiro Iketani sempai’s S13 that ticked all the right spots for Ricky. That and also because there was one S13 parked nearby his house that he often passed by.

A little history about the Nissan S13; the car was manufactured and produced from the year 1988 to 1994 overlapping with the introduction of the S14 in 1993. It came in 2 body styles.

The 2-door coupe and the 2-door convertible. Has close resemblance to the 180/200/240SX as it shares the same chassis but in hatchback version with pop-up headlights (rebadged for European market).

The S13 was based on the first generation Nissan Cefiro A31. Initially, the S13 was powered by the CA18DE and CA18DET engines carried over from the S12 and by 1991; the SR20DE and SR20DET engines debuted.

Eventually as years passed by, Ricky finally was old enough to drive and having an awesome dad, he got the S13 for his birthday back in the year 2000. Initially when Ricky got the S13, It came fully stock standard with an SR20DE auto transmission.

RICKY-S13-0278 RICKY-S13-0183
As time goes by, Ricky was getting accustomed to his S13 and his 1st upgrade was to a stock redtop SR20DET engine.

Prior to this, the S13 was non-turbocharged. Ricky began a slow journey of rebuilding his love and joy and also enjoying his ride along the way. Eventually, Ricky built up his SR20 to withstand 300hp.

Once the engine compartment was down, he shifted focus to the exterior. Fully kitted and sticking to the origins of the car(and also influence of Initial D) Ricky went with the factory two tone color just like how Iketani’s S13 was.

Around the same time when Ricky’s S13 was done, Ricky’s friend Frederic was trying to get him some sponsorship for his ride. As Ricky’s S13 was in such immaculate condition, it would be a win win situation for anyone to come on board. Lo and behold, Atara Racing came onboard.

They hooked Ricky up with an amazing set of KMZ14 17×9 ET 0 at all 4 corners. With that set of rims on Ricky’s car, it changes the visual and outcome of the ride drastically.

A little dial in with the suspension settings and the S13 just screams perfection!


RICKY-S13-0442 RICKY-S13-0479 RICKY-S13-0504 RICKY-S13-0794 RICKY-S13-0088 RICKY-S13-0099

Spec Sheet

Engine & Transmission
Z32 piston
Tomei 256 poncam
ARC oil pan
ARC intercooler
Aluminium lightweight pulley kit
GTR clutch fan
3 layer aluminium radiator
HKS fuel rail
SARD 700cc injector
WORKS fuel regulator
Thailand JUN type intake manifold
Q45 90mm throttlebody
Garrett T4 turbo
TIAL wastegate
Greddy type R blow off
Z32 airflow
Power FC standalone
S15 6speed gearbox
EXEDY super single clutch n flywheel
NISMO 2way lsd with 4.3 final

Defi advance ZR multi display
APEXI boost meter
APEXI turbo timer
Innovate AF meter
BRIDE Zeta lll FIA full bucket
TAKATA 4point hardness
Nardi 13inch steering wheel
Drifthouse E-knob driftbutton

Exterior (All dmax from Drifthouse)
DMAX signal lens
DMAX rear lamp
DMAX type lll front bumper
DMAX type lll rear bumper
DMAX type lll side skirt
DMAX front&rear 50mm widebody
DMAX front bonnet
TONNKA bonnet pin

Suspension & wheel
Ultra racing fender bar
C-tech side bar
C-tech ladder bar
CUSCO rear strut
CUSCO front caster rod
HKS Hypermax lll hi low soft hard full set suspension
Aftermarket rear camber arm
Drifthouse s14 rear subframe pu bush
Drifthouse ORT rear toe rod
Drifthouse ORT tie rod end
Drifthouse custom angle knuckle kit
Drifthouse JIC japan tie rod
ENDLESS 6pot with 330mm disc
GTR32 rear twin pot