Tedco Sport was formed in 2006 as an extension to the Tedco wing which emphasises more on motorsports and racing activities.

TEDCO-MCS-R4-153Tedco sports developments main priority includes race car designs and construction, race engine & transmission development and also race car engineering. In general, to develop and produce a complete race car solution package.

Besides that, they too carry out road car customisation and classic car restoration.


Meet Rueben Wong, the brainchild behind Tedco Sport. We had an opportunity to have feature one of his development in a form of a Honda Integra DC5. When asked what sparked his interest in motorsports, Rueben mentioned that he started way back when he was only at a tender age of 3. He would follow his dad to Batu Tiga tracks back in the day to watch his dad race his Toyota Corolla.

And at the age of 10, Rueben’s dad got him his first go kart and the journey of motor racing began. Fast forward to the year 2000, Rueben participated in his first actual car race which was the inaugural MME. Although it was his first round out, he managed a 3rd position win in the 1800cc class in a Satria Gti. He continued on with a couple more podium finishes in the MME races and later he finally won the Touring Production Class in the year 2010 with HMRT.

TEDCOSPORT-GARAGE-62In between all the racing, Rueben still kept himself grounded. He spent his school breaks helping out in Tedco. He furthered his studies and eventually graduated with an Automotive Engineering Degree from Coventry University.

Upon graduation, Rueben joined R3 as an engineer when the team was newly formed. From there he learnt to harness his skill and trade that he obtained during the years in school and eventually joined A1 Team Malaysia as a Data Engineer.

His sweetest memory throughout his days as an engineer was when he was part of the engineering team with Charouz Team in Le Mans 2007 where they crossed the finishing line in 5th position overall and top petrol LMP1.

Throughout the years, all the experienced that he obtained was put to good use when he was developing Tedco Sports 1st competition car for the Malaysian Super Series (MSS). A 1.6L Satria Neo which eventually went on to clinch the 2014 MTC title. A fairytale ending with a lot of hard work and perseverance and with an amazing team. A hearty congratulations to Team Sakura Tedco on a job well done.

Rueben is not one that is easily contented. His future plans for Tedco Sports are to expand the brand internationally and not only focusing in the motor sport industry but also with car customisation and classic car restoration. Something that is always close to his heart. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and we are grateful to be able to help in any way possible to expand the Tedco sports brand.