Blake Jones (Speed Hunters)

Retro Havoc just concluded and the event was a job well done by the boys of Atara Racing.


Mcclubz would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys once again for giving us the chance to be apart of an awesome event such as this. As Blake Jones was still in Malaysia, we thought that it would be a good idea to show him what our Malaysian car junkies have to offer hence the impromptu touge night out.


What started out as an invite only drive ended up as a full fledge gathering as word got out onto social media sites. As so happened it was on the 1st of April, we saw many posts that was not officially from us stating that Blake has left Malaysia and was back at Speedhunters HQ in Sydney. Nevertheless, the crowd was still amazing.


Crowds were gathering at BHP Karak as early as 8.30-9.00pm although the event was to start at 10pm. By the time we got there after dinner, (thank you Lamb Story for the amazing dinner! Do check them out guys. Epic roast lamb indeed)


BHP Karak was overcrowded and cars were parked way up the highway waiting to depart.


At around 10.30pm, after a short introductions and clarifications, groups were disbursed accordingly and the drive has begun. There were heaps of cars running the route up the Genting touge. From retromachines to hot hatches and import cars, it was just an amazing sight to behold.



As we got to the open-air temple car park, the earlier groups were already parked in unison according to their groups. It was just amazing to see various car clubs from different makes get together as a whole to enjoy the scene that we all love deep in our hearts.


With the cooling wind blowing and a perfect clear sky, the night was just made for a meet like these. Everyone was walking around admiring the dope rides that showed up. Friends were catching up. The night was simply awesome.



By midnight, the crowds began to disperse as some of the groups headed down to Goh Tong Jaya for supper and TT sessions. Everyone was well behaved and the event went on smoothly. Thank you everyone for the amazing night and the best of behavior. We can’t wait for the next drive.



Till then!


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