Rain was still drooling down my front screen as I made my way down to Maeps Serdang for Car enthusiast night x Hondaday Malaysia. It was about 10pm when I reached carpark 2 and although the grounds were damp and wet, the spirit of all the car enthusiasts who was in attendance was not.



The event started as early as 5.00pm but as our Malaysian weather was unpredictable(massive downpour with crazy thunder and lightning shots everywhere) not much cars were there until later in the evening.



The crowd was building up and cars kept turning up by the herds. A steady flow of Hondas of all kinds kept filling up the big carpark space. From Jazz to EG’s to older generation EF’s to new models such as the FD’s were lining up and parking together with their kin.



The Integra boys, new and old too made an appearance too. A lone ranger FN2R and also a couple of Accord euro R’s were seen creeping up.



The night did not only cater for the prrang vtec boys, it was meant for all car enthusiast. The stance boys too was there showing off their tight fitment. Heavy offset rims and no finger clearance at all. I really do respect their dedication to the low life.



As the night continues, the rain came back drizzling but cars were still pouring in. The European Gangsters(BMW) rolled in like a boss stopping the crowd at their feet.



The crowd was still going strong although the drizzle was continuous. By midnight, the car park was literally at maximum capacity.



Mcclubz would like to thank the organizers for having us there at Motorsport Appreciation Night. We sincerely wish you guys to another awesome event come HondaDay.