It could not be any more literal, as the title goes, today is the day where thousands of Honda enthusiasts gathered at Maeps Serdang.



Today was a day where owners and car enthusiasts alike gather in celebration of one of the most iconic automotive JDM brands in the world and also one of the most famous NA powered units in the world!




There was a sea of Hondas all over the convention floor. As far as the eye can see.



Honda is one brand that has conquered the market literally both in performance and also day-to-day rides. Honda too, are one of the pioneers of the DOHC technology.



With their VTEC engine being if not, one of the most sort after NA powered engine anywhere in the world.




Here in Malaysia, enthusiast take their Honda tuning very seriously, definitely on par to what you would’ve imagine to see in Honda scenes around Japan or even America.



Some builds were so immaculately executed that I think even the Japs or Americans would drool over. Many were built to a level that really stood out on their own.



Just a few years back, when Fast and Furious was all the hype. The term “ricing” was very much embedded into the Honda scene and there was a lot of hate towards the brand.




Not to mention that yes, there are particularly a few individuals that had one too many joyrides with their praang machines on the public roads that has left a bitter taste in the eyes of the public.



Adding on to the violent moans of the signature scream when the VTEC systems engages. It was a hate crime for many.




The crowd was pouring in to the convention hall. People from all walks of life came. Some with their better half, some with their entire family.



The Honda Civic platform has until this very day, been one of the most popular Hondas around. From the days of the Civic Bullets to the EFs to the EGs and EKs.



This platform has always been a crowd favourite. Not to mention that with the addition of the infamous and notorious Kanjozoku lifestyle that originated from Japan’s Kansai region on the Osaka Loop, the Civics has a strong presence here in Malaysia. Those Kanjo masks are really getting to me. Really want one now.



The Integras and Accords too shared as much love as to their Civic sibling as there were some amazingly done up older generation DC2s popping up(my personal favourite).




Such a vast array of ideas and personalisation and love towards their cars. This was truly an event not to be missed.



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