Last Friday night, we were invited by MYS2K to join their touge run up to Genting Highlands. MYS2K stands for “S2000 Club Malaysia” and is made up of very passionate Honda S2000 owners. Coming into their second year, MYS2K was founded back in February 2014 with one sole objective; to revive & reconnect all Honda S2000 owners scattered throughout the Northern Region (Penang), Central & East Coast (Pahang & Kuantan) and from the Southern Regions (Melaka, Johor & etc) and also those from across the causeway in Singapore.



Currently MYS2K has close to 40 members in their club spread across Malaysia. From time to time, MYS2K will organize Touge runs (峠) either at night or in the wee hours in the morning. These touge runs are termed as “CCRs” which is short for Cold Coffee Runs. The morning CCRs consist of the Ulu Yam – Batang Kali – Gohtong Jaya – Genting Highlands route and the night CCRs consist of the Karak Highway – Gohtong Jaya – Genting Highlands route.




Apart from CCRs, MYS2K also organizes Teh Tarik (“TT”) sessions and occasional owner’s meets to catch up with members, bloggers and friends from other makes and models. What makes MYS2K unique is their goal in gathering various car owners from all types of backgrounds that share a common interest, fuelled by their passion for cars and motorsports, and are willing to share their knowledge to assist and help out any other members in need.



MYS2K had one major event back in April 2015 where members got to enjoy the screening of Furious 7 at TGV cinema at One Utama, all participants were entitled to an exclusive parking spot inside their premium valet parking at One World hotel where group photos and member cars were featured in the MYS2K Facebook Page. After the movie a special TT was held at Original Kayu @ Aman Suria Petaling Jaya where members got to catch up. It can be concluded that MYS2K is one car club that has various types of activities in store for their members.




Coming back to the car; The S2000 is a popular roadster manufactured by Honda between 1999-2009 and comes as a convertible/hard top version. It’s has a front mounted, 2 liter inline-4 DOHC VTEC engine which drives the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox and a Torsen Limited Slip Differential. Over 200bhp was produced from this engine which gave Honda the title of “the world’s top level, high performance 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.” The S2000 is a car that would definitely give you a thrill while driving through the mountains at high speed, not to mention a radical hairstyle with the top down!



At 9:00pm, we gathered at the usual RV point for touge which is the Karak Highway BHP Station. As usual, Friday nights would always bring a crowd of people on the hunt for speed up in the mountains of Genting. A total of seven Honda S2000s and one Toyota MR2 were present and at 9:30pm the president of MYS2K, Sean Lee gave a short briefing of the run before rolling out. A good mix of colours were in attendance, some in red, blue and black. All colours matching the sleekness of the low and long profile of the Honda S2000. Despite being close to 15 years old, the S2000 really does have a timeless look.




The drive up to Genting was a fast paced, spirited drive. You don’t drive slow in a group of S2000s! The handling and power these cars displayed really showcased the passion these owners have for their rides. Being a front-engine, rear-wheel drive car, these cars proved that they can really take on these spirited touge climbs.




We reached the top at about 10:20pm, parked in front of Ria Apartments and waited for the rest to arrive while the cars cooled down. These touge runs can really push the car to the limit, brakes, clutch and tyres must always be in tip-top condition. By 10:40pm we all regrouped and headed to the Resorts World Coffee Bean for some drinks in the cool atmosphere of Genting Highlands. That’s when it began to rain, thankfully we managed to reach the top before rainfall as wet roads would prove to be a slippery affair for powerful rear wheel drive roadsters.




By 12:30am the rain subsided and we proceeded down the hill back to well-lit roads and civilisation. Mcclubz would like to thank MYS2K for having us join their Cold Coffee Touge Run! We always love joining these kind of runs, no matter what the size or the scale of the group is. Cheers!