The Malaysian Championship Series is a 10-lap race held at the Sepang International Circuit. The MCS for short, consists of 5 rounds in one year and was previously grouped under the Malaysian Super Series championship banner, currently it showcases the Touring Production Cars and Malaysian Touring Production Cars.



Round 1 was held on the 28th and 29th of May, a very hot weekend on the track as well as off the track.




Team Sakura-Tedco ( Tedco Racing ) is a long time competitor in the MCS. They won the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) back in 2014 and the Touring Production (TP) back in 2015. So they are no stranger to the competitive spirit of the MCS. With drivers Fitra Eri in the Honda Civic FD2, Goh Lee Heng in the Satria Neo, and Mark Darwin in the Proton Preve, it was a perfect combination between driver and automobile to win this round’s race.



Mark Darwin – Proton Preve


Goh Lee Heng – Proton Satria Neo


Fitra Eri – Honda FD2R


The race itself was a very intense round, with some drivers bailing out throughout the race due to their own technical problems and some collisions on course, Team Sakura-Tedco managed trudge on through all the chaos on the circuit.



Race 1 was held in the morning and was dominated by Team Sakura-tedco with both Fitra Eri and Mark Darwin managing a first place win, with Fitra doing a superfast lap time of 2:27.666 in the TP class followed by Mark with a lap time of 2:36:587 in the MTC class.



Race 2 was held in the afternoon under the scorching sun. Team Sakura-Tedco’s success was repeated in the second race with Fitra Eri and Mark Darwin AGAIN managing a first place win for both TP and MTC classes. Talk about a winning streak!


The MCS 2016 is looking up for Team Sakura-Tedco. With their combined team effort and skillful set of drivers, we look forward to seeing more wins from them for 2016! Round 2 will be held between the 4th and the 7th of August, we hope to see you there!