The Renault Megane RS is touted as one of the best handling, performance-oriented, track-going front wheel hatchbacks of today. It rivals the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R or Scirocco R, the Ford Focus ST, and even the AMG A45 with its all-wheel drive 4MATIC system. Although not as popular as the models offered by Volkswagen, it is definitely favored among serious performance hatchback enthusiasts.


Launched in 2004, the current Megane “Renault Sport” (RS) has come a long way since its inception. With its signature yellow or white color, you can’t miss it when you see one barelling down the highway. Accentuated by its racer-like facade, you would definitely move out of the way. Powered by a 2.0 liter twin-scroll turbocharged inline-4 engine producing close to 250BHP and 340Nm of torque in stock form, this is a car that would take you from 0-100 in less than 6 seconds.


The NOVA RS is a 2011 Renault Megane RS 250 which is being tuned and modded by ATM Performance. We managed to get a hold of the man who is tuning the car himself, Mr. Kevin Tan. As a tuner, he works closely with the owner of the NOVA RS and has some serious plans for the car.



24th May 2016 marks the anniversary of the NOVA RS, the name NOVA marks the owner’s first successful project completion as a project manager and since then, the name NOVA became his personal trademark. Being synonymous with success, the NOVA RS is definitely a huge success.


If you are a fan of Volkswagens in Malaysia, you will also find similarity in the NOVA GR, the Golf R 400HP project, purpose-built for drags. Unlike its sibling, Nova RS was built for another purpose; to play in our local motorsport playground, the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). I guess you can say that the NOVAs have covered two fields of popular motorsports disciplines.


The NOVA RS has gone through some extensive modifications for the sole purpose of increasing BHP and reducing weight. In the words of Mr. Kevin, “The only thing stock about this car are the headlights..” So I guess you can sum up that this car has some serious horsepower lurking beneath the hood.


Lets start with the engine mods; The NOVA RS has port and polished forged internals with a custom hybrid ball bearing TD04 turbo with an HKS Super SQV blow-off valve. The intercooler has been uprated with custom stainless steel piping, together with an uprated alloy radiator by Forge Motorsports.


Other items that have been uprated are the 14 rows oil intercooler and oil pump. The battery has been replaced with a Braille Racing lightweight battery and has been relocated to the rear for optimum weight distribution. It is also equipped with a Snow Performance watermeth injection system.


The NOVA RS runs on a ATM Performance Custom Tuned ECU which increases power output to 340hp and 500Nm of torque. Damn crazy figures coming from a two-door lightweight hatchback!


As for handling, the NOVA RS is equipped with Nitron R3 custom track suspension. Its also utilises SuperPro front and rear anti-roll bars, coupled with SuperPro and PowerFlex bushes, custom hardened top and bottom engine mounts.


Six-piston 997 Cup Car Brembo Big Brake Kits equipped with endless CCRG pads do the perfect job in bringing the NOVA RS to a halt. The NOVA RS is also equipped with a brake bias kit.


Creature comfort items include a DEFI memory meters, AFR meter, and a boost controller. The NOVA RS uses an aftermarket racing steering wheel complete with an FIA quick release kit.


The highlight of the interior would be the short-shift gear shifter which on first sight reminds you of a sequential gear shifter found on rally cars.



There is also a custom FIA-compliant bolt-on powder-coated roll cage for optimum rigidity and safety in the event of a crash.



The owner has plans to turn the NOVA RS into a full-on track car. Judging by the list of modifications done to the car, it looks like its on the right track already!


We look forward to seeing the car perform on the Sepang International Circuit in the future. A big shoutout to the owner and ATM Performance for providing us with the car, it is definitely a hot-hatch you should look out for.