Have you ever heard the saying, “old is gold”? Or for the Chinese, “the older the ginger, the spicier it would be”. In today’s era of advance technology where kids as young 5 years old is well versed in how to handle an iPad, cars too has advanced to a stage where it can drive itself. No, I’m not talking about a taxi.


It’s the era of tip tronic gearboxes and EFI tuning. Hybrid cars and eco-friendly drives. Gone were the days where twin carbureted screams at the high revs of the engine roared on the road. Sooner or later, the clutch pedal would only be known as a long forgotten myth.



Don’t get me wrong. Technology is not a bad thing. It helps make our daily lives just a tad much easier. With technology, mankind could open doors to all sorts of possibilities. It is just, well. Sometimes it could get a little dull. A little boring. Call me old school but I would still enjoy driving a manual transmission car over an auto. Unless I am stuck in the mad rush hour traffic, then the auto would sound awesome.


I guess I am not the only one who thinks like this (I hope).  Last week, we were fortunate to be invited for a drive up to Genting. This was not your average drive but it was of attendance of purely old school gems. It all started when Kenji wanted to have a drive up to Genting to officially give his fresh rebuilt KE70dx a shake down. As Kenji was from Muar, he thought of gathering a bunch of friends to drive up to KL and head up Genting together.



Kenji and his bunch of friends were all into oldschool Toyota Corolla KE70s. And when word got out that this bunch of guys were making a trip up from down south, the news travelled far up until the Northern region as a few guys drove down all the way from Kulim as well. There were even some who flew down from Kuching just to attend the drive! Talk about hardcore!


On the evening of the drive, rain was drizzling down as early as 9.30pm. Nevertheless, a big crowd began to gather at BHP Karak. The rain continued drizzling and started to pour for a bit but still, fleets of oldschool goodness kept rolling in. Loads of KE70s were building up. The famous orange wide-bodied KE25 made an appearance.


Staney, our resident oldschool King too was there with 2 of his beloved rides. By 11.00pm, the rain started to subside and the group started to roll out from BHP Karak. The drive was a slow one as rain was still drizzling and being that most of the old school rides are of FR setup. The wet roads are quite a tacky challenge.



At about 12.00am, the group reached the parking area behind the temple and started to chill. New friends from literally all over Malaysia has gathered together on this cold and windy night to share their love for everything oldschool. It was still drizzling until 1.00am but the crowd wasn’t really bothered by it at all instead everyone was just mesmerised by the sheer beauties of all the oldschool builds. At around 2.00am, the group began to disburse and headed down to Goh Tong for a TT and supper session, which ended about 3.00am


It was truly a humble and encouraging experience for us to see a group of dedicated enthusiast braving the cold windy and wet night to hang out together. Enjoying each other’s presence no matter the build of their rides. We will definitely be coming back again for the next gathering for sure!

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