The enthusiasm towards cars attracts all sorts of people. Being huge enthusiasts ourselves, we have met various people along the way. It is always an exciting moment when we meet someone who shares the same passion that we do and is willing to share his knowledge and experience that he has garnered throughout his life. It was by chance that we were contacted by this very special car enthusiast that appears to be someone out of the ordinary but once you start chatting with him, your comprehension of the word ‘enthusiast’ begins to be understood in a different manner.



Our guy here (We shall call him Dr. Who because he’s a very secretive guy) contacted us recently after someone showed him a picture of a Lamborghini Countach that we posted on our Facebook Page late last year. It was a very rare Countach that we  spotted at the Sepang Circuit which turns out belongs to a close friend of his. The funny thing is, due to some ‘restrictions’,  Dr. Who isn’t allowed to have any social media platform whatsoever (hence the secrecy), so it was by chance that he came across our humble posting of that very special Countach. Word is he will also be acquiring this Countach soon and has done some suspension work and exhaust upgrades for this car.


To make a long story short, he contacted us whilst we were very busy in the midst of photoshoots and events. But how did he get our attention? By mentioning the fact that he has a “Roaring Forties” Ford GT-40 sitting in his garage. Yes, you have our attention! Well, to be honest, he has half of a GT-40 as the car is without an engine at the moment.

But as it turns out, it didn’t stop there. Dr. Who had a slew of very unique and one-of-a-kind makes in his warehouse and he is very much willing to share with us the extent of his ‘automotive enthusiasm’.



Last Sunday, we paid a visit to his garage. It was one of those false facade type of structures, in which judging by the front of the warehouse, you would have absolutely no clue of what secrets it held. And when we entered the warehouse, we were blown away with what we saw.


As we entered the warehouse, we were greeted by some very interesting and unique cars. There was a red Mini Cooper up on a hydraulic jack which appears to be under construction, two Moriss Minors in a beautifully done whitish-cream paint job, an E36 coupe BMW (in manual transmission!), a hybrid looking Ferrari, which turns out to be a 240z body, and the Lotus Elite shooting-brake-coupe with an F20 engine sourced from a Honda S2000 done in a very bright yellow sporting a roll cage and a pair of Bride bucket seats (looks perfectly built for drifting and touge).



There was also a Porsche 914 which was up on stands being worked on and also the original car owned Colonel Sanders! A stripped wide body Hartge E30 BMW was also hidden in the corner, waiting for the day it would be restored to its former glory.


This wide body Hartge E30 was once owned by a famous Malaysian rock singer and apparently there is only a limited number of this particular model, this one managed to find its way to our shores.



After picking up our jaws from the floor, he then brought us into a workshop within the warehouse, which was where he does all his work. ‘Does all his work’ is in a literal sense as he has extensive knowledge in automotive restoration and rebuilding. He builds, machines and paints all of his work within this workshop. We were presented with the half body of a Ford GT-40, with the rear portion dismantled displaying its subframe, it’s rear suspension linkages, the drive shaft connected to the huge rotors with AP Racing calipers.


There was also a Indy roadster sporting a carbureted inline-6 Holden engine which is still in progress, another Morris Minor with the engine exposed and still being worked on, a BMW E30 JPS which was also in the works and a Lotus Seven subframe hung from the ceiling above the E30 JPS. The current models being worked on now are the GT-40 and the Morris Minor, he’s saving the E30 JPS, and Roadster projects for next year.



Aside from these exotic cars, there was also a slew of interesting machinery and equipment in this workshop. He also showed us his collections of Weber carburettors which were custom made right in his workshop. He really does have a knack for customising, designing and building his own carburettors here.



Other than that there was an monstrous V12 AMG engine lying in the corner, a Hartge engine from the wide body E30 outside in another corner, various type of wheels and tires with some as wide as 315mm, a carbon fiber hood of a BMW M3, and also a Ferrari Edition Vertu handphone lying about with an estimated retail price of RM16k.



The highlight of the garage was definitely the GT-40. Despite missing its rear portion, you could see that the car was built for speed. The body was in a beautiful shade of dark blue, which was derived from the Audi R8’s blue color. The GT-40 is currently awaiting its new V8 engine, Dr. Who says it should be here within the week. He’s very enthusiastic about this car so we will be having a feature covering the GT-40 in totality coming real soon.



After a very long chit-chat session with Dr. Who, it was time for us to save the rest for another day. Our brains needed some time to process the amount of history, heritage and mix of high-powered machinery within this workshop. One afternoon within his workshop of sorts is definitely not enough considering the amount of heritage and horsepower that lie within these walls. We look forward to working with him as he has huge plans for the Malaysian automotive scene. We also look forward to featuring each and every model that we were presented with today, so as an automotive enthusiast, stay tuned for more features!