The weekend is here and it’s a Sunday morning! A perfect time to for petrolheads to takeover the roads and conquer the mountains, and to escape the city!



Sunday Escape began at 7:00am with people piling into the BHP Petrol Station along Karak Highway. The usual suspects were already assembled; Honda Civics, Proton Satrias, Volkswagen Golfs and Sciroccos. There was a good mix of people in attendance despite us advertising the Event quite late (the event poster was out on Thursday). We gave the safety briefing at 7:20 and waited for the rest to come.



By 7:30am the petrol station was already packed so it was time for the drive to begin. We all rolled out in unison and cruised along the Karak Highway until the exit to Genting Highlands. The crowd was very well-behaved and everyone kept to the speed limit. Good job guys!



The road up to Genting is a very windy road and offers a very scenic route. The morning sun was up and there was a slight hint of mist lingering in the air. After about 20 minutes of rolling mountain driving, we all arrived at our final destination; a huge open car park overlooking the Klang Valley.



We assembled at the Chin Swee Temple Car Park by 8:15am. There were about 60 cars in total, with people arriving every 5-10 minutes! We had already setup shop selling stickers and drinks.



There was a good mix of Volkswagens, some A45s, the usual JDM cars; Civic Type-Rs and a bunch of Integra Type-Rs, two very nicely done Passo’s, a whole bunch of Satrias built for touge.



One thing for sure is that there were a ton of hatchbacks! Everywhere you look there was definitely a hatchback.



Once everyone was there, we all assembled for a group photo. We all lingered around and took pictures, mingled, and made new friends. By 10am we all moved down to the local Mamak to have some breakfast. It was a great morning amongst people who share the same passion for cars.



All in all, Sunday Escape was a huge success with a great turn out! Mcclubz would like to thank everyone who came, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and look forward to more drives to come. As always, please be safe on the roads!