The word “EVO” is a word that is very prominent in the world of motorsports and racing. The first image that would come to mind would be the Mitsubishi Lancer EVOLUTION which is Mitsubishi’s homegrown fleet of high-perfomance sedans which have evolved over the past 24 years.


The EVO is an evolution of the performance variant of the Mitsubishi Lancer, a sedate and practical sedan for the masses. What Mitsubishi has done is taken the Lancer, and did some major upgrading works to the engine, the handling, as well as the looks of a fast, durable, purpose-built high performance sedan produced specifically for the motorsports enthusiast.


To date, there have been ten ‘evolutions’ of the Lancer EVO, the first being launched in October 1992 and latest one being launched in October 2007. The EVO’s have dominated the World Rally Championship arena for quite awhile, and that’s where they gained their foothold in which eventually garnered their popularity. In Malaysia, it’s quite common to see EVO-Is and EVO-IIs converted from the Proton Wira’s (they both share the same base) but its not that often you see an EVO-5 or 6 as these models are quite few and far between.


We got the chance to meet up with Winston, who owns an EVO-IV which has been heavily converted into an EVO-V. The one thing about EVO’s and Lancers is they are very easy to convert and to play around with as parts are quite easily attainable in the half-cut world. Winston got his EVO from a friend who had previously modded the car quite extensively prior to his ownership.



Winston has always been a fan of the EVO-V. He says out of all the EVOs, the EVO-V is the most aggressive and masculine model. It’s mostly due to the sharp angles and wide haunches, coupled with the menacing front that really gives the EVO-V it’s trademark rally look. The EVO-V really does look like a rally car built for the streets! The base car is actually and EVO-IV (CN9A) which was updated to the EVO-V exterior.



The engine of the EVO was fully rebuilt with all new parts and the balance shaft was removed. Due to this, Winston says that this is the most powerful turbocharged car that he has owned and the car is absurdly fast! The car is so powerful that it scares him sometimes, we wonder how many passengers he has also scared in the process.


Winston added that for the first few months after modifying the car, he didn’t dare push the pedal to the metal in second gear. The car currently produces upwards of 480BHP on the wheels but the engine was built for higher cams which could push the power output to 600BHP just by changing the cams.



For the handling, Winston says that the handling itself is already superb, given it’s racing and rallying heritage. The car handles and rides exactly like a race-car built for the streets. The funny this is, Winston’s son (who was two-years old at the time), prefered riding in the EVO instead of the much comfortable Lexus that he owned. He was always asking his father to go faster! I guess the need for speed has been safely passed down to Winston’s son.



Sadly, Winston says that its time for him to move on to another project and that he has plans to sell the EVO to any enthusiast that would take good care of his ride. So if you’re in the market for a extensively modded, well-built EVO-V be sure to contact Winston and strike him a deal!



Technical Sheet:
a) Car type & year made
CN9A (Evo 4) 1996

b) Engine & Transmission spec
– Evo 7 block
– RS gearbox, 4.11 final drive

List of Modifications:
a) Performance (engine & exhaust system)
– Tomei 2.3 stroker kit
– Jun 264 cams
– Custom Tonkka manifold
– Bosch ignition system
– Greddy oil catch tank
– GT 3076 ball bearing turbo
– HKS blowoff valve
– Tial waste gate
– Walbro fuel pump and regulator
– HKS intercooler type RS
– OS giken twin plate clutch
– Haltech E11v ecu
– Amuse full titanium exhaust

b) Handling (suspension, wheels & tires, brakes)
– Project U discs
– Endless brake pads
– Volkracing CE28 forge wheels
– Yokohama AD08R tires
– Tein monoflex shockers

c) Interior (seats, steering wheel, etc.)
– Front and rear Evo 6 seats
– Original Evo 5 steering wheel
– Defi meters

d) sound system
– Eclipse player unit
– Macrom amp, speakers & subwoofer