Last Saturday we were privileged enough to join the Toyota 86 Malaysia (86MY) drive up to Genting Highlands for a Meet & Greet and photoshoot. The drive was deliberately planned to be held on August 6th 2016 which pays homage to the code name of a very popular two-door hatchback/coupe called the Toyota AE86 (8-6, August 6th, get it?), in which inspired the later generation of FT86 coupes.


The original Toyota AE86, also known as the Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno or “Hachiroku”  was made popular by Manga series “Initial D” which tells a story about a night-time delivery driver and street racer by the name of Takumi Fujiwara who races (and delivers tofu) using his father’s Toyota Sprinter Trueno.


What made the AE86 an icon was the fact that it was a very light car equipped with a rear-wheel drive setup. The engine wasn’t all that powerful, exuding slightly over 120 BHP from its 1.6 liter inline-4, but the car made up for it with its lightweight chassis which tipped the scales at less than a ton.



This combined with an ideal front-to-rear weight distribution made the AE86 a very enjoyable car to drive in and around corners, in which the car excelled in two disciplines; drifting and touge.


Toyota eventually came out with a successor to the AE86 in 2012, dubbed the 86 it was based on a similar setup but came with all the new-age tech the older brother did without.



The successor was jointly developed between Toyota, Subaru and Scion (a sister company of Toyota, catering to the North American market) in which these three manufacturers came out with three different models based on the same chassis; the Toyota was labeled as the “86” (Some regions call it the FT-86, FT standing for Future Toyota), the Subaru was labeled the “BRZ”, and the Scion was labeled as the “FR-S”.



The Toyota 86 is powered by a naturally aspirated 2-liter boxer engine churning out 200 BHP and 205 Nm of torque, which sends power to the rear-wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox.


The boxer engine, was chosen for its horizontal design, is located closer to the centre of the car (closer to the driver), and low to the ground which allowed the car to have a very low center of gravity. In the world of motorsports, a lower center of gravity equates to a better handling car and more responsive drive in and around corners.



Enough about the car, lets get back to the club; Toyota 86 Malaysia, AKA 86MY. 86MY was formed in 2013 with only 4 initial members. Since its inception, they have now garnered about 70 plus members from all over Malaysia. To date, they have organized various track days in MIMC, drift lessons in MAEPS Serdang, the occasional touge runs and of course the usual Teh Tarik (TT) sessions.


The drive up to Genting was a very cool drive, the sky was overcast and there was no hint of the sun. The scenery was similar to what you would imagine Mount Akina would be; misty, winding roads lined with pine trees.



Once at the top, they assembled their cars for a photoshoot, with the original AE86 at the center. 86MY managed to gather a total of 16 various models for the drive, with one Subaru BRZ nicely done in its signature blue paintjob. It was a nice gathering of Toyota 86 owners!



What’s a gathering of Toyota 86 owners without a drift show?



Mcclubz would like to thank 86MY for having us! We really enjoyed the spirit of togetherness displayed on 8-6, for the 86!

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