The racing weekend is back, and in the form of Round 2 of the Malaysia Championship Series 2016! The pits are packed and the circuit is searing with the smell of scorched rubber and high-octane racing fuel.



Race mechanics are going back and forth ensuring every setting and every specification on their race cars are in optimum working order while the drivers strategize their every move once out on the track. Cars and drivers alike are prepped and ready for their time to shine out on the circuit.



We got a chance to follow the development of Team Sakura-Tedco (Tedco Racing), who took back a quadruple win during Round 1 of the MCS 2016 back in May.



Racers Fitra Eri and Mark Darwin both brought back first place wins for Race 1 and Race 2 in both TP (Touring Production) and and MTC (Malaysia Touring Car) categories in Round 1.Will they be able to use their winning formula to gain another win? Let’s find out!


Mark Darwin


Fitra Eri


Y.S Lim


Lee Heng


William Wang

Malaysia Championship Series, MCS for short, consists of 4 rounds in one year and was previously grouped under the Malaysian Super Series championship banner, currently it showcases the Touring Production Cars and Malaysian Touring Production Cars.


Even during the practice run on Saturday afternoon, you could really feel the level of competitiveness of the teams out on the circuit. The practice run was cut short after 3 laps when a few cars collided with each other at Turn 9, resulting in a few pullouts.



Turn 9 of the Sepang Circuit is known to throw-off even the best drivers out there. Even during practice, you can tell that both car and driver are both fine-tuned for the grueling 1 hour race awaiting them come Sunday afternoon.


Come race day, the starting line was littered with Hondas! Proven on the track and on the road, the Civic Type-R was definitely the popular choice for these racing teams, partly due the high-powered K20 VTEC engine and the lightweight chassis of the FD2R.



Other cars at the starting line were Integras, Satria Neos, a Proton Preve and a Suzuki Swift. The race itself was indeed as intense out on the track as it was within the pits as teams from both TP and MTC classes competed for the top spot. The temperature that day was a scorching 39 degrees Celsius!



Fitra Eri managed a first place win for the TP category, with Mark Darwin and Lee Heng managing Second Place for both MTC Class and MTC Class Independent respectively.



A great day for Tedco Racing and a continuation of their winning streak from Round 1 of the Malaysia Championship Series 2016! See you all at Round 3 on the 11th – 13th of November 2016!