The Lamborghini Super Trofeo has arrived at the Sepang International Circuit for the 2016 season! It’s a hot day for all racers and race teams with track temperatures reaching 50 degrees Celsius.


The pits are packed with equipment and mechanics, all prepping and setting up their respective Huracans for the two big races today.



The Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia is a one-make race organised by Lamborghini. It features a mix of teams all using the same Lamborghini Huracán which is powered by a 5.2 litre V10 engine producing upwards of 600 BHP and tipping the scales at 1270 kilograms.



What differentiates each team is their expertise in setting up their cars for the track and of course their drivers strategies when out competing with other teams. There is a total of five tracks that make up the season, beginning with Shanghai, Suzuka, Buriram, Kuala Lumpur, Fuji before the final showdown in Valencia at the end of the year. Today is the fourth instalment of the race so we are looking forward to watching the teams battle it out on our very own Sepang Circuit.



We were privileged enough to follow Team Lamborghini Osaka with racers Toshiyuki Ochiai and Afiq Yazid throughout the race. Afiq is a graduate from Lamborghini’s Young Driver Program and this year marks his fourth year competing in this series since he began his racing career with Lamborghini. Being a committed and dedicated driver, he has displayed excellent performance in the past two seasons.


Afiq would be the second driver for the day with Toshiyuki Ochiai piloting the first half. Walking towards the grid from the pits for Race 1, you could see the enthusiasm and determination displayed by the drivers as they strut towards their Huracáns.


Afiq in particular is always in his upbeat mood, always opting for the quick photograph with friends and family. Race mechanics ensure that all settings are in order. This is indeed going to be an intense race!


Race 1 began at 9:45am with Toshiyuki Ochiai piloting the Huracán. Both Toshiyuki and Afiq were placed in third on the grid as they were a second and a half behind the lead car during qualifying. They both managed to retain their first place win as they battled it out on the track with the other drivers.



Race 2 began in the afternoon at 2:30pm. Temperatures on the track reached a searing 49.9 degrees Celsius. One of the drivers commented that the temperatures within the race cars reached a high of 60 degrees Celsius in which their water-cooled race suits did little to abate the heat for the drivers. The Sepang Circuit is known to be one of the most challenging tracks due to our regions hot and humid climate.




Drivers tend to lose focus and concentration toward the end of the race which often leads to accidents and spins. The second Race was 50-minutes long with Afiq and Toshiyuki managing a first place win for their category. Another one on the belt for Afiq Yazid and his team!



We look forward to the next race in Fuji on the 17th and 18th of September, their fifth and final stop before the World Final in Valencia at the start of December!