You could never wake up on time for work no matter how many times you snooze your phone. But when there is a morning drive, you are wide awake 2hours earlier than the said meeting time. Sounds familiar? I’m sure lots of you are nodding your head in unison.




Seeing that it was Merdeka day and it is a public holiday, we decided to have an impromptu drive up to one of the infamous touge routes here in Malaysia. The notification for the drive was posted only hours prior to the drive but by 6.30am the next morning, a small fleet of cars were already lined up at the Petronas station. At about 7.15am, a short briefing was given and away we roll. The drive was split into a few groups. The turbo boys, the vtec boys, the euro boys and also our local MDM boys showed up.



The drive was a ‘spirited’ one but everyone was very cautious as there was a small drizzle of rain earlier that day. As we reached the 2nd checkpoint,(cable car station) we stopped for a quick photoshoot session and to wait up for the later group to catch up.




Once everyone was gathered, we continued our drive up to the Chin Swee temple parking lot. The weather was spectacular! With cool and chilling wind blowing up our faces and the mist just adds up to an amazing meet up in the hills.





After a quick chill session and group shot, we then proceeded down to goh tong jaya for a quick breakfast at the local Mamak. The drive ended at around 11am.



Everyone was at their best behaviour and everyone had fun. Thank you everyone for taking your time to join our impromtu drive. Until the next drive, take care all.


Here is a 360 photo that Zeb took for us. Thank you Zeb!

Cars and driving unites us all. Happy Merdeka! #mcclubz #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA