“VTEC just kicked in yo!” That’s the common taunt that Honda owners frequently hear. The Honda Civic is one of the more prominent boy racer cars here in Malaysia. What attracts enthusiasts to this particular platform would be the remarkable handling and also the legendary engine the platform has to offer, the infamous VTEC engine.


The Honda Civic Type R is the highest performance version of the Honda Civic that was built by Honda Motor Company of Japan. With it’s lightened and stiffened body paired with a specially tuned and balanced engine and better-upgraded brakes and chassis, the Type R is every boy racers dream car.



There is a one-make series of Honda Type R series championship in Japan where privateers can purchase an off-road Type R and compete with. This would then lead to be a stepping-stone for many aspiring racing drivers. Here in Malaysia, we have somewhat of a similarity to it but not of a one-make series. Many privateers and factory teams has opted for the Honda Civic Type R as their weapon of choice in the track.



Lee Heng, the owner of this immaculate Honda Civic Type R we have for our feature today has a completely different story altogether. Lee Heng, or more commonly known on his whatsapp messenger as Brother Heng bought his Type R back in 2009. The car was just 9 months old when he bought it off from the previous owner. It was in a 100% factory condition.


Prior to his purchase of the Type R, brother Heng was driving a Suzuki Swift Sport. Back then; he has no whatsoever knowledge about cars. The Swift was his pick-me-up, his daily driver and his beater. One time, he went about without giving the Swift a proper service 2 years in of his ownership to the car. All he did was fill her up with petrol and just drive it until it’s empty and then the process repeats itself again.


After a few years in, he decided to get himself a new set of wheels and he was on the lookout for a bigger car. In the beginning, brother Heng didn’t much fancy the FD2R. He thought that it looked a bit too much like it’s younger brother, the FD2. He was keener on another platform. The FN2R. But as time passes, he did more research and looked up more info on the World Wide Web. He eventually came to his senses that the FD2R was indeed a good car, or at least on paper. (What brother Heng said) After one joy ride in his good buddy’s FD2R, he was hooked. He knew what he was going for finally.


Brother Heng and his FD2R went through many ups and downs together. In the earlier years with the car, his sole focus was mainly on handling. It wasn’t until he managed to go under 2.40s in Sepang did he upgraded his power plant. However, it wasn’t a bed of roses for brother Heng. His 1st K24 was a total failure. The 1st builder he went to properly screwed up his engine.




He couldn’t even do a full lap around Sepang without overheating and it needed 2 oil coolers! And to add more salt to the open wound, brother Heng eventually went through 2 sets of gearing, 2 sets of suspensions and wasted a lot of money just because of the trust he put in towards the 1st builder. After a very expensive lesson, brother Heng moved on and consulted another garage in Singapore to build him his 2nd K24.



This time round, the garage did a marvellous job and brother Heng has maintained his FD2R as it is until this very day. An avid racer here in Sepang, brother Heng mentioned that his fondest memories he had with his FD2R was when he first hit PG with his ride.


He never thought a car was capable of such speed through a corner. It was safe to say that the track bug has bitten him and bitten him hard. Brother Heng is constantly improving his timing around Sepang as he knows that his car would definitely be capable of more than 2.34s on street tyres.


2008 Honda Civic FD2 Type R

Mugen bonnet, Js Racing 1600mm GT wing + custom 125mm wingstand, Buddyclub CF boot, Js Racing Lip, custom splitter, Craft Square universal side mirror.

Front – TC105 17×9.5j +35
Rear – RPF1 17×9  +45
AD08R all round.

AIM MXL dash, Nardi steering wheel, Hybrid Racing shifter, Recaro SPA (driver), Recaro SPG (passenger)
Engine/Transmission and handling:
Built k24 265whp, Greddy Oil Cooler, Choon’s air intake, Skunk2 exhaust, Nitron 3-way suspension
Gear X 1,2 Stock 3, DC5R 4,5,6