It was a champion team lead by Tengku Djan that steered the racing team Mayhem-FX Tune to the checkered flag finish in last weekend’s Sepang 1000 Kilometer Endurance race. Tengku Djan, better known as the Prince of Drift in the local and international drifting arena, spearheaded the collaboration between Mayhem Motorsports and FX Tune together with celebrated drivers Keifli Othman, Faye Kusairi and Zizan Razak, piloted their Proton Suprima S through 181 grueling laps in an amazing time of 8:31:35.819s.


The 2016 session of the S1K saw the debut of newly formed Mayhem-FX Tune race team, a customer to Proton R3’s Customer Racing Program (CRP). The Proton R3 CRP is a program that allows race teams the chance to utilize Proton R3’s expertise in ride & handling, performance and racing experience for competition purposes. The race cars that compete in the S1K under the Customer Racing Program are built, prepped, tested and ensured that they are race-worthy by Proton R3 for the team once raceday arrives.



Building and prepping the race car is half of the story in winning any race. With a total of 181 laps, covering 1000 kilometers of the Sepang International Circuit, Proton R3 ensures that every single component on their purpose-built Proton Suprima S is in optimum running condition to endure the grueling 8-hour race.



Qualifying was held on Friday with Mayhem-FX Tune managing a commendable fourth place position on the grid. Practice was held the day before with drivers Keifli Othman, Faye Kusairi and Zizan Razak given the chance to test out their newly-built Proton Suprima S race car. This was the perfect opportunity for them to further fine-tune and calibrate their machines and strategize their battle plan for the treacherous endurance for the following day.


The race which began on Saturday at 12:30pm saw close competition between Mayhem-FX Tune and rival team Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT), which won the S1K back in 2013 and 2015.


Tengku Djan and team mate Syafiq Ali won the S1K title back in 2012, 2014 under the Proton R3 Motorsports racing team, so it goes without saying that Tengku Djan was well-prepped and ready to lead his newly formed team to glory in this years race. 2016 will prove again that Tengku Djan and Proton R3 has what it takes to bag a win for the team.


The first part of the race saw Keifli Othman leading the race before famed female driver Faye Kusairi took over and continue their battle for first place. Faye, who hails from Miri and is more familiar on the silver screen, showed amazing skill in driving the Proton Suprima S and maintaining their position throughout the race.


Keifli Othman

Continuing the battle was Zizan Razak who was itching to get into the racing seat and complete the race. Zizan Razak is better known as a comedian displayed excellent talent in driving the Proton Suprima S in a swift manner, also helped maintain their lead position. The combination of all four drivers together with the excellent support by Proton R3 enabled team Mayhem-FX Tune to drive off the competition and paved the way for their first win of the Sepang 1000 Kilometer Endurance race.


Tengku Djan Ley


Witnessing the team in action was something to behold. Everything was done in perfect coordination, all four racers displayed excellent teamwork and determination to drive home their win. The spirit of competition was instantly complemented with the satisfactory win when they completed the 181 lap endurance race with a First Place win.



Congratulations to Tengku Djan, Keifli Othman, Faye Kusairi and Zizan Razak and everyone at Mayhem-FX Tune! We look forward to seeing the team progress and compete in more races to come.