What do you get when you put 4 crazy explosive talented drivers/friends together and endless supply of beers? OD Racing, that’s what you get. Earlier this year, Cornelius, Steve, Lawrence and Eddy were just hanging out over a couple of beers. Well, just one crate they say. This 4 guys are more than just friends. They are brothers, brothers from another mother. And after a couple of drinks, they were just throwing ideas out into the wind (talk cock) and the guys came out with an idea to purchase a used Suzuki Swift and build it from ground up and participate in the upcoming S1K race.


This all came about when Steve suggested the guys to participate in the S1K as he himself has participated in the race before back in 2014. And because all of them are already accomplished drivers in their own field (and they were all sick of Steve winning most of the time during any Time Attack events), they thought that by teaming up and joining the S1K race would be an awesome idea. Eventually the wind caught on and the idea came to a reality. The cars were purchased and the build was left onto Cornelius’s hands. And hence, a beautiful story began.



A little bit about the cars; the Suzuki Swift’s were bought used from Singapore. Prior to this, the cars were basically proven S1K racecars. Only problem was the cars were neglected for quite some time. Due to the long negligence and the cars just sitting there unattended, the guys took quite some time fixing it up again. A lot of elbow grease and time was poured onto the cars before they handed it over to the guys from Nexus Racing to fully prep it for the race ahead. The kick was, they have only 3 weeks left before D-day.



Given that both cars were running standard engines, the team already knew that the cars would not be pocket rockets. Instead, the team focused more on the handling department. That was proven when both cars had amazing handling and maintaining a decent and consistent timing all throughout the race wouldn’t be a big issue for the team.


On qualifying day, one of the cars was continuously plagued with gearbox issues on top of bad fuelling. The guys did not give up and continued looking for the problem. They finally found the culprit eventually. The fuel tank was really dirty and it caused the fuel pump to be stuck. Without any hesitation, the guys decided to change out all the fuel pumps on the cars and also fixed up some wiring loom issues with the ECU. Everything was running fine up until Steve’s first stint. The car was showing bad fuelling signs again. And when Cornelius took over, the pumps were dead. They pitted in and managed to change out the faulty pump causing them a 12lap disadvantage.


After that, everything went well. And when the team thought everything was in order, issues crept back and bit them in the ass again. Again the team had to pit in and this caused them 1 hour and 20mins off.



Even with all the issues arising one after another, the team stood together united as one. They never gave up and threw in the towel as any other team would, given the circumstances that they had to go through. They persevered. They pulled through. And no matter what trouble that came their way, the guys brushed it off and continued fighting as a unit. This team has something that many others might have forgotten. The trust in each other. That trust that each and every driver in that team had with their teammates. They knew that no matter what, the team will do their best and carry on fighting until their last breath.


Cornelius, the heart and soul of the team, the father figure to the bunch of jokers and clowns that is OD Racing mentioned that he has never found a team as good as this bunch. Each and every one of them was like best friends. They were still joking and helping each other out in dire times of need. This environment eventually made the entire team bond. They were not only a team. They were family. Blood brothers. This race has really brought so much memories to each and every one of them. Steve mentioned that to be able to race together with his closest friends was truly an experience that he will treasure evidently. All of them met through cars and bonded through the same thing.



Although the S1K has ended. That doesn’t mean that team OD Racing is no more. The guys has decided to invest more time and effort onto the team and decided to continue racing as a team for the upcoming MCS series and also future S1K stints. The guys would also like to thank their friends, Eugene Lee, Kingston, Eugene See and Jeremiah for giving their utmost support to the team as well. Once rivals on the tracks but has since became close friends through all the thick and thin they have encountered with each other. I can’t wait to see what this guys come out with next. But one thing I know is, this bunch of guys will do it no matter what. They family!s1k-odracing-112