There are two very important factors that allow an organism to evolve into what it is today; Natural Selection, and Genetic Mutation. As per Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Natural Selection is the advance of small inherited variations that increase the organisms ability to compete, survive and to reproduce. Genetic mutation is how an organism mutates itself from generation to generation in order for it to survive varying conditions.



In the automotive world, this can be observed in the evolution of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series. From the very first Evolution 1 to the latest Evolution 10, there have been various upgrades, advances and mutations to ensure that this high-performance, carnivorous, octane-driven sports sedan remains at the top of the food chain of high performance cars.


Most EVO aficionados have a soft spot for a particular Evolution and with Mike, who is the owner of this mean black EVO, he has always been a fan of the aggressive looks of the EVO 6. Prior to owning his beloved EVO, he was driving an R32 GTR back in Melbourne. While he was studying, the R32 GTR served as his daily. He eventually got the chance to drive an EVO and after driving one hard, he was blown away by how agile and quick the EVO was despite a power output which was half of his own R32.



One of the unique selling points of the EVO to Mike was that it was very quick, and quite reliable out of the box (as opposed to his ageing R32!). His current R32 at the time felt very heavy and suffered understeer, the brakes weren’t that powerful and had a spongey feel to them, and he was constantly bogged down with inherent oil supply problems. Although Mike did consider shipping his R32 back to Malaysia, he decided otherwise and was determined to get himself an EVO once back in Bolehland.



Mike got his EVO back in 2009 and used it pretty much as a daily. Not as ideal as he thought it was, the EVO then deteriorated after much neglect and began to just sit idle on the driveway. Mike began to lose interest in it because of the high upkeep of a performance sedan.



It was only about two years ago that Mike got around to fixing up and showering his EVO with the love it deserved. As you can see from the pictures, the EVO has since evolved into the relentless predator that it is to chase down and devour unsuspecting Subies that come across its preying eyes.



The ultimate goal for the EVO for Mike is to build it as a balanced street car. Having dealt with the headache of building and maintaining a performance-oriented coupe, Mike has gained the experience and the knowledge to carefully craft the EVO into a proper, road-going, tame performance car.



This will prove to be a challenge as it is similar to keeping a Cheetah as a tame tabby-cat; once in awhile the Cheetah will need to stretch its legs and chase down a gazelle. The EVO has yet to touch ground on the track, Mike plans to track it one day and experience the full potential of his build.


In the evolution of street, performance sedans, we believe that although each new generation of cars will offer newer and faster tech, sometimes its good to sit back and appreciate the rawness offered by the older models. We had a great time with Mike’s EVO and hope to see more of it on the open field. Now it’s time for the EVO to go get his lunch.


Performance mods:

– Evo 9 turbo
– Okada Projects Plasma Direct coils
– Monster intercooler piping
– HKS intercooler
– HKS mushroom filter
– GReddy blow off valve
– Koyo radiator
– ARC manifold heat shield
– Laile Beatrush radiator cooling panel
– Laile Beatrush cold air intake box
– HKS front pipe
– Catback exhaust
– Relocated battery
– Apex’i Power FC
– Blitz EBC
– ORC Super Single clutch


– Cusco titanium front strut brace
– HKS rear strut brace
– Fender bars
– SuperPro PU bushings
– BC Racing coilovers
– Cusco sway bars (front and rear)
– CE28N 18×9.5 +22
– Kumho KU31 235/40/18 tyres


– Alpine CDE-HD148BT headunit
– Boston Acoustics SR50 speakers
– Tommi Makinen seats
– Tommi Makinen dash cluster
– HKS Kansai floormats
– Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel
– Ralliart gearknob


– Tommi Makinen front bumper
– Ganador carbon side mirrors
– Boot reflectors
– Amber indicators

mike_evo6_mcclubz-95 mike_evo6_mcclubz-92 mike_evo6_mcclubz-91 mike_evo6_mcclubz-89