We were at the Sepang International Circuit today to witness MSF Racing’s Saga Cup series. Our main star of the day was Tengku Djan, who spearheads Team #187 in his Proton Saga. Aside from Circuit racing, Tengku Djan is more famously known as the Prince of Drift in our motorsports scene. He has an extensive background in motorsports racing, which befits his position as the head honcho of Proton’s Race Rally Research (R3) division; a team of motorsport experts that know very well how to squeeze more power out of any Proton.




The day was cloudy as we arrived at the Circuit. It looked like we were expecting some rain but thankfully the rain never came but instead left a nice and cool atmosphere for the race teams. As with all races, the pits were brimming with action and anticipation as everyone was scrambling to prep the cars and the drivers. Tengku Djan kept his cool as he mentally prepared himself for the race where he would compete against other drivers.



The qualifying and practice run began at 2pm with each team warming up their vehicles and doing some last minute adjustments and tuning. Tengku Dian’s team managed an astonishing lap time of 2:52.999 which placed him in first place at the Grid. The team worked very hard to ensure the Proton Saga; our national carmaker’s first ever automobile was in pristine condition to face the race.



The race began at 3.30pm and we were able to catch Tengku Djan at Pole Position prior to flag-off. He was calm and collected, as if he had done this routine a thousand times before. The car albeit being at least twenty years old looked the part of being a well-prepped and race-ready machine. The dashboard of the original Proton Saga was retained which brings back some nostalgic memories of Proton Saga Cups held in the past.




As the race went underway, things took a change as Tengku Djan windscreen suddenly shattered even before the first lap was completed. Despite this ‘glass-shattering’ start, Tengku Djan managed to put in six more laps in his windscreen-less cabin! This goes to show that no matter how prepared you are for the race, you cannot escape the long arm of Murphy’s Law; anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Due to safety concerns, Tengku Djan had to retire early and return to the pits as driving without a windscreen is not allowed on the circuit.



It was definitely an exciting race, seeing various teams and cars compete against each other in a safe and controlled environment. We believe that this is just a minor setback from the team and look forward to seeing Tengku Djan and his crew back out on the Circuit in times to come.