It was a harrowing weekend at the Sepang International Circuit with the Malaysia Championship Series 2016 underway. The weather also proved erratic as the hot and dry weather turned to wet and cold within a matter of moments. This proved to be a challenge for the racing teams competing in the third round of the MCS 2016 as they had to change from dry to wet setup as soon as the clouds began pouring.




Lee Heng


Fitra Eri


Mark Darwin


Nick Mah

As with Round 1 and Round 2 of the MCS, we were privileged enough to follow Tedco Racing, which is a homegrown racing team that has been on a winning streak in both Touring Production (TP) and Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) categories.



Practice was held on Saturday and it was a wet day on the track as the rain began pouring in the afternoon. With an impressive time of 2:34:99 during the practice run, driver Fitra Eri in his Honda Civic Type-R was placed at P1 for the start of Race 1.



Race 1 was a quick 10-lap sprint race with our main star Fitra being ‘nudged’ by a rival team which resulted in a punctured front left tyre and a smashed wheel. This resulted in a huge time-loss as Fitra had to enter the pits and change the damaged wheel. It was evident that the nudge was quite forceful as his left door panel was smeared with tyre marks. With no delay, the pit crew managed to change the damaged wheel and Fitra quickly reentered and continue the race. The MTC Category for Race 1 was won by Mark Darwin in his Proton Preve, Nick Man in his Suzuki Swift and Lee Heng in his Satria Neo.



The Race 2 grid walk commenced at 2:30pm under the scorching mid-day heat. Track temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius with drivers sweating profusely through their race suits. Due to the earlier crash in Race 1, we found Fitra back in twelfth position which was a setback to the team because Fitra would usually be positioned at the front of the pack during the beginning of the race.



The race was flagged off exactly at 2:45pm with an intense show of weaving and acceleration between the teams. Once flagged-off, we witnessed Fitra jump up a few positions with each lap and finally gaining first place only after the third lap! Quite an impressive performance by the team to regain their lost position before the midpoint of the race!



Towards the end of the race, rain clouds were spotted at the horizon which the teams hoped would hold off until the end of the race. After enduring 10-laps of cloudy weather, Team Tedco Racing crossed the finish line first with Fitra Eri winning first place for the TP category, and drivers Mark Darwin, Nick Mah, and Lee Heng grasping top spots for the MTC open category. A continuing winning streak for Tedco Sport!



Tedco Sport’s drivers AND race team displayed stellar performance for Round 3 of the Malaysia Championship Series 2016. It is with their winning formula of precision and persistence in track setup and team determination that lead them to the victorious checkered flag at the end of the race. We will be looking forward to Round 4 of the MCS in December 2016. Stay tuned!

tedco-mcs-round3-pit-74 tedco-mcs-round3-pit-75 tedco-mcs-round3-pit-12 tedco-mcs-round3-pit-155 tedco-mcs-round3-pit-161 tedco-mcs-round3-pit-195