Tedco Racing crowned Champions of the Malaysia Championship 2016 Series!

Today was the fourth and final round of the Malaysia Championship Series 2016. With 300 kilometers spread over 50 laps, it was a treacherous and enduring race for all teams and drivers as this was not the usual 10-lap format as with the previous three rounds held prior to this.

Fitra Eri

Fitra Eri


The weather was frickin hot on the day as we arrived at around 2pm to watch the teams setup. It was just one of those days where there was no hint of cloud in the sky. We were at the South part of the track as the North pits were occupied by the Malaysia Superbike Championship Series. The new facilities at the South Pits were very nice and had a compact feel to it as we entered Tedco Racing’s pit.



As usual, activities in the pit were bustling as the pit crew were prepping for the race which was to be held later in the afternoon. Round 3 (Round 4 was actually held back in November) is the final round for this season’s MCS 2016 and the format this time varied from the straightforward 50 kilometers seen in Rounds 1, 2, and 4.



Extra care and precaution had to be undertaken to ensure that the team’s Honda Civic FD2R, Proton Preve, Proton Satria Neo and Suzuki Swift were in tip-top condition for the harrowing 50-lap format of this round’s race.

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All drivers were very composed and relaxed as they awaited for the race to commence. The grid walk began at 5pm with drivers assembled at the south part of the long straight. We managed to catch up with drivers Fitra Eri, Mark Darwin, Lee Heng and Nick Mah as they mentally and physically prepped themselves for the upcoming race. The scorching weather eventually gave way to a much cooler and cloudier day with track temperatures reaching a 40 degree high, the previous rounds saw track temps in the high 50s!



Throughout the race we witnessed the pit crew in action as they quickly changed tyres, refueled, kept the drivers hydrated and such. It was an articulate dance between pit crew, race car, and driver as they ensured everything was in enduro mode. Watching the Remaining Laps tick off one by one on the Main Screen was a long journey as the countdown started from 50 with at least 2-hours remaining.



There were numerous challenges on the track as some drivers bumped and collided with each other within Sepang’s infamous technical turns. As with all endurance races, the driver’s capability to withstand high levels of stress and to prevent fatigue from setting in is constantly being tested with each passing lap.



Team Tedco Racing were crowned Overall Champions of the Malaysia Championship Series 2016 with driver Mark Darwin in first place for Overall Champion, Nick Mah Second Place Overall, and Lee Heng, Third Place Overall in the Malaysia Touring Car (MTC) category. Driver Fitra Eri bagged the win for Overall Champion for the Touring Car (TP) category in his red and white Honda Civic FD2R. It was an enduring and challenging season for Tedco which was totally worth it for the team. We hope to see more action coming for next year’s 2017 season! Till then, all the best!