We kicked off our New Years weekend early this year with our speed and show event dubbed Speed Junkies 2016. This event was tailored exclusively to car guys (and car girls) alike to experience the ever growing and ever expanding car scene in Malaysia.


Planning for Speed Junkies 2016 began back in June of this year with one objective; to unite car enthusiasts under one event which offers two very exciting and exhilarating items; a Trackday for those who like speed, and an Autoshow for those who like to modify and showcase their cars. All of this was planned to take place at our very own Sepang International Circuit and is the first of its kind!


Prior to Speed Junkies 2016, we held two smaller events to build up to the final event; a Touge Drive up to Genting Highlands, and a Car Meet and Drag in Putrajaya. These two events had a major turnout and we saw various types of car groups and clubs join in on the fun. These two events helped us anticipate the crowd that was coming for Speed Junkies 2016.


On the day itself, people began arriving at 7am sharp for the trackday session which was slated to begin at 9am. Despite some technical problems on site, we managed to brief the participants, get them their goodie bags, and get them to their pits and on to the track by 9am. All Trackday participants were mailed a special “RACER” sticker prior to the event to ensure they get special access to the Circuit come Trackday morning. They also received exclusive RACER tshirts, tool goodies from BETA tools (sponsored by UNIPAC) and a bunch of stickers in their “track pack”.



Four sessions of Trackday were offered during Speed Junkies 2016; two four-hour sessions (9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm) and two two-hour sessions (1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm). All four sessions were fully booked two weeks prior the event and we had to decline a lot of requests to join. Despite a few incidents and red lights, all four sessions carried on nice and smooth thanks to the cooperation of the trackday participants.



We had our sponsors in the pits offering their services and ‘taxi rides’ to the public and also to the media. Among them were Wing Hin Autohaus, who is the leading Volkswagen dealer in Malaysia with the all-new Volkswagen Passat B8, together with the latest Golf TSI. They were out in the track the whole day with selected media and also the general public who got the chance to ride in these fine German machines. We also had ATM Performance, a pioneer brand that offers tuning solutions for Euro cars with their Volkswagen MK7 R which clocks the fastest time around Sepang on street tyres.



Goodyear was present with a BMW 330 M-Sport showcasing their brand new Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 UHP tyres featuring professional racing driver Mark Darwin as their taxi driver. Lotus Malaysia was offering taxi rides with their latest Lotus Exige driven by none other than the Prince of Drift himself; Tengku Djan Ley. Professional automotive videographers 55five Production had a proper Ferrari 458 GT3 race car that did blast laps prior to each track session, and also automobile wrapping specialists Motorsports Playground, had an awesomely wrapped, eye-catching Nissan GTR in the pits also offering taxi rides to lucky winners.




Other sponsors for the event include Moty’s, a company from Japan that designs and produces high performance engine lubricants, UNIPAC Malaysia that offer high quality workshop tools and their portable jack stand, Superkart Indoor Karting, the largest indoor go kart track in Malaysia, Army Girl, Shipwreck Tattoos, SC Lasercutting Technology as well as DCODE.




The autoshow area began filling up at 10am as registered Show cars began coming in parking in their specific spots. The autoshow participants were dubbed “MODDERS” as they like to modify their cars, and did they live up to their name! Various types of builds were there; the Hondas ranging from the older Civics, Delsols, CRZs, the JDM (Japanese Domestic Model) machines ranging from BMWs, Mercedes, Audis, Volkswagens, the Stance and Fitment guys, the MDMs (Malaysia Domestic Models), 4x4s and old school rides. Each participant received a very special, one-off “MODDERS” sticker and tshirt to commemorate their effort and energy put in to building their rides.



We invited three very special judges to rate all of the cars and select one winner from each category. Tengku Djan was the judge for Old School and Honda, Remus Supremus was the judge for JDM and MDM, and girl racer Geraldine Read was the judge for 4×4, Euro and Stance. Each model was scrutinized and examined thoroughly by each of the judges as all cars on display were very nicely done and and they had a hard time selecting a deserving winner. Category winners won a stainless steel plaque designed, built, and sponsored by SC Lasercutting.





The atmosphere during Speed Junkies was very exhilarating and truly reflected the automotive and motorsports scene in Malaysia. The car guys came out in full force to end their 2016 with a bang. Trackday participants could be seen negotiating through turn 1 and 2 of the Sepang International Circuit as attendees were walking about in the Autoshow. The day was HOT and luckily it did not rain, we received forecast that we would be getting some showers in the afternoon but thankfully it blew over. We also had an impressive lineup of food trucks in our Food Truck Junkies area; Flaming Wheels, Cowboys Food Truck, Western Jams, Burger Giler Power, Wheeloaf and Black Kitchen Food truck all offered very good dishes and were present since 10am. Our partner Bread and Show was there serving beverages and ice cream to the crowd.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors who were very supportive and very much involved in the planning and development of our first ever Speed Junkies event. We would also like to thank our Squad that worked tirelessly throughout the day, they were on site at 6:30am SHARP and stayed on until nearly 8pm! And lastly we would like to thank all of our participants, supporters, friends and families that came and supported Speed Junkies 2016! It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t get the support from all of you!

All in all, Speed Junkies was a HUGE success! We hope to see another Speed Junkies event happening next year, it would definitely be bigger and better than this year’s event. Til then, MCCLUBZ would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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