This morning we held our very first Speed Junkies Touge session which was in conjunction with our upcoming #SPEEDJUNKIES2016 event in December. We were at BHP Karak Highway by 6:30am and the crowd had already formed! We announced earlier on our Facebook and Instagram Pages that our meetup time would be at 7:00am but the station was packed to the brim by then.



As with all our previous events, we saw a lot of cars in attendance, a very good mix of Malaysian cars such as the Protons and Peroduas, a variety of JDM builds by Honda, Nissan and Toyota, the Euro Heroes consisting of Volkswagens, BMWs and Audis. more than 150 cars were in attendance at the meetup point!


A briefing was given at 7:20am. It is imperative that we highlight the importance of safety while driving in a group. Although we like ‘spirited’ driving, we must insist that everyone abide by basic traffic rules. We moved out exactly at 7:30am, any later and the traffic would build up.


The drive up to Genting consists of two parts; the fast-paced, long and straight stretches of Karak Highway, and the more technical, windy hairpin roads leading up to Genting Highlands. Both are equally fun and exciting and allow you to test your car in two different areas; high speed cruising and technical handling.


Driving along Karak was a nice and windy drive at highway-pace, almost everyone drove considerably well albeit those that just wanted to ‘test power’. The first checkpoint (as you exit Karak and head up to Genting) was packed all the way to the highway! Driving up the second part of the drive proved that ride and handling of a car really does play an integral role of the overall driving experience. Some of the smaller CC cars could outrun the larger and heavier cars in the turns, but when it comes to the straight stretches, the playing field was level again.



We reached our final check point at around 8:15am. Pulling into the parking spot was quite a wait as we had to wait for those who had arrived earlier to arrange their cars. Everyone parked in their respective groups and it was definitely a sight to behold. All these people waking up on a Sunday morning just to go up Genting for a quick drive! Everyone was happy mixing around and socializing, the perfect way to start your Sunday.



We launched our newly designed “DRIVE HARD OR GO HOME” tshirt, which is a collaboration between Mcclubz Automotive and our Tengku Djan – Prince of Drift which was a quite a hit with the crowd together with our regular Mcclubz sticker collection.




We intended to do a mannequin challenge, but since our time was limited, we had to settle for a quick group shot. The fog began to thicken by 9am and it was time for us to head back down before the rain started pouring. After our quick photo session, we all headed down to Al-Esfan for breakfast before heading back into the city.



We would like to thank everyone who made it to our Speed Junkies Touge. We hope to see you all at our year-end #SPEEDJUNKIES2016 event happening at the Sepang International Circuit on the 30th of December 2016 (Friday). For those wanting to join our trackday, we have some slots left starting from RM388.00 for two hours (full track, includes pit, “Track Pack” provided). Thank you all for your participation!

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