A few months ago, we organized the infamous ‘Midnight Attack’; a drag meet in a secluded housing area in Elmina. The reason why it was ‘infamous’ is because we managed to gather a crowd of 1,000 cars in attendance dragging along a 300 meter strip of road which eventually attracted the attention of the police. We ended our night (morning) at the police station with a stern warning from the authorities.


One of the downsides of Midnight Attack was the lack of proper manpower to manage the crowd and cars, as well as a very, very unplanned drag strip in terms of ingress, drag, egress and such.



Lesson learnt, we planned our Sunday morning’s “Casual Drag”  to be more organized, with the objective of ensuring that participants get a proper strip to drag on; a 650 meter long runway located in Putrajaya. As a continuation from our last “SPEED JUNKIES Touge Session” in Genting Highlands, this “SPEED JUNKIES Unfinished Business” is our second instalment to our final SPEED JUNKIES event in Sepang International Circuit, a Speed and Show event on the 30th of December 2016.



The “Unfinished Business” part was that we weren’t able to do our Mannequin Challenge during the last Touge Session (also due to a run-in with the police, haha!) so we planned to do it here at the Putrajaya Recreational Airport, with the help of our partner Aerolomba Sdn. Bhd. Aerolomba has recently done a few events on site and are better known for their Red Bull Air Race held back in 2014 on the same strip.



The morning was divided into two; Mannequin Challenge at 8am, “casual drag” at 10am. We were on site by 6:30am and people had already began pouring into the venue at 7am sharp! One thing about attendees participating in our events is that they are always ON TIME! Thank you all for your punctuality! By 7am we saw a slew of cars coming in, starting with a nicely done Proton Saga Aeroback, a Mazda2, BMW F30, and a bunch of Satria Neos.


The parking lot really started to fill up at around 7:30am with car clubs coming in. There were a lot of Volkswagens from VWClubMalaysia that managed to bring along their brand new VW Passat B8, some nicely modded Golf GTIs and Golf Rs. We also saw a married couple, the wife driving a bright red GTR R35 with her husband driving a straight-piped EVO. Also in attendance was the BMW E90 club with very nicely done colors and rims.


The briefing for how the mannequin challenge would be shot was held at 8:45am. Everyone listened intently as the instruction was for everyone to be absolutely still for FOUR MINUTES in order for us to get the shot. The setting for the challenge was themed as a “DRAG MEET”. At the starting line there was a blue GTR R34 to go up against a .. Go Kart! Provided by one of our sponsors, Superkart Indoor whom are based in Semenyih, driven by their star driver Apex in complete racing suit and helmet. The shoot was held at 9am and thanks to everyone’s cooperation, we managed to do the shoot in ONE TAKE! The shoot was ended with the gokart and R34 speeding down the strip.



10am onwards the drag strip was open to those wanting to go for a quick run. We saw a very diverse selection of cars participating; a Mitsubishi Galant, lots of Evo’s and Golfs, Sciroccos, Satria’s, Myvis, Honda Jazz’s and Civics, some GTRs (R32, R33, R34 and R35s!) and a whole bunch of other cars. The drag strip was about 350 meters in length with ample braking space provided to ensure cars don’t end up in the Putrajaya Lake. Cones were setup to ensure that the crowd didn’t spillover onto the track and each driver were given an indemnity form to sign prior to entering the strip. The drivers were also briefed that due to the loose gravel and wet pavement on the strip, do not push your car to the limit as it was meant to be a ‘casual drag’ with friends. No prizes were to be given to the fastest car.



The drag session ended by 12pm. Food trucks were also available on site for those looking for a quick bite throughout the morning. We counted a total of 500 cars in total on that morning, with various car clubs and groups coming in and filling up the entire parking lot. It was truly a sight to behold; all makes and models from various manufacturers, each and everyone of them done up by their respective owners.



All in all, SPEED JUNKIES Unfinished Business was a huge success, thanks to the well-behaved and well-organized crowd in attendance. We managed to accomplish two goals that morning; our Mannequin Challenge, and a safe and secure opportunity for people to drag race their cars with their friends. It was an awesome morning and we look forward to having more events like this in 2017! We hope everyone had a great time!

See you all at SPEED JUNKIES 2016!