Last Sunday we were privileged enough to follow (keep up with) a group of legit, prime and prepped BMWs sporting the infamous “///M” badge up to Genting Highlands. BMW M, M standing for Motorsports, is a division within the company that specifically tunes, modifies and produces high performance cars which are generally sold to the public.


These cars sport various modifications ranging from high-powered engines, high-performance gearboxes, sports-tuned suspension, and interior/ exterior trim upgrades that separate them from the normal models. True motorsports fans and BMW aficionados will definitely notice the difference between a true M car and a regular “M-kitted” car, often times referred to as “M-Lites”.



Before we delve into the details of the drive, let’s talk about this special band of high-powered, performance-driven owners.  ///M Owners Malaysia was set up in 2009 with one sole objective –“ to unite all with the same passion for the brand  of  ///M cars”. Today, they consist of about 100 plus members and are still growing by the day. Their routine activities include spirited drives, occasional trackday sessions, BMW events, go-karting sessions, charity drives and the mandatory TT (Teh Tarik) sessions at the local Mamak.  Their mission for 2017 remains the same as every year; to attract more ///M owners to join their evergrowing community. Today, they are proud to have iconic builds such as the M4 GTS, E92 M3 GTS, M2, M3, M5, M6, X5M within their group.



As usual, last Sunday’s drive began at 7:00am with various types of M cars pulling in. There was a Gray F13 M6 Gran Coupe, two F10 M5s (one in Blue and the other in White), a blue E39 M5, a slew of M3s consisting of a Devilish Yellow Dakar E92 M3 with Red angel (devil) eyes, two sets of modded Alpine White E92 M3s, two sets of Silverstone E92 M3s, a Red convertible E93 M3, two immaculate E46 M3s, and the latest M Baby in the family, a Gray F22 M2. All of these cars were in perfect, well-kept, and well-loved conditions. In total there were 13 cars altogether.



The drive began as a slow, chill drive winding through the scenic first stage of the route. The first stage allowed the drivers to warmup their engines and tires before the more technical second stage. The traffic was relatively light this morning as we all managed to leave the Ulu Yam Petronas by 7:30am. You leave any later, traffic will begin to build up which would hamper any ‘spirited driving’ through the hills.



The second stage saw a majority of the M owners taking off through the corners. The corners and climbs are sharper and steeper as you ascend higher up the mountain. Trying to keep up and photograph these M cars proved to be a challenge as most of the time we were eating dust and stones as they effortlessly peeled away from us with each straight.



We reached our final checkpoint safely and promptly arranged the cars into a proper formation. The objective of the shoot was to show a good mix of M cars within the group. All drivers were very participative and cooperative during the shoot. After the shoot, the M drivers proceeded to the nearest kopitiam to have their much-deserved breakfast.



It’s always good to see a bunch of car guys mix and mingle with one another after a high paced drive. We had a blast trying to keep up with the gang; it was definitely a good ‘workout’ for our cars. Thanks again for having us!