This morning were invited to join #myvimovement’s first drive for 2017. The roads were wet from fresh rainfall and it was still raining as we pulled into BHP Karak, the usual RV point for the Genting hill climb. The petrol station was already full when we arrived with a good mix of Myvis, from the very first generation to the latest facelifted model.


The drive was divided into two groups; the slower, first-timers joined the first group, and the faster more experienced ones joined the second group. The destination was the Chin Swee Temple Car Park, right below the top of Genting Highlands. The drive up was wet, which resulted in a few incidents along the way. Due to the hazardous road conditions, all participants were reminded to be safe and drive responsibly prior to the drive.



We arrived at the parking area at 8:30 and all Myvis were arranged in a V-formation. Our guestimate for this morning’s turnout was around 60-70 cars, with a few other makes and models joining in the drive. The morning was a misty morning and the sun would poke out of the clouds every now and then.



It was a great morning with Malaysias fastest growing Myvi group; #myvimovement. We enjoyed the enthusiasm and the participation of their members. Mcclubz would like to thank #myvimovement for having us!





Sunday Side UpHere’s a snippet of #myvimovement’s best moments during their drive last weekend. Please enjoy this short audio-visual presentation highlighting some of the meanest and finest Myvis of the Movement.

If you got a Myvi do join them at Myvi Movement!

Posted by MCCLUBZ on Tuesday, 28 February 2017