Inspired by Evolution; Xiao Hong’s Fully Converted Proton Inspira to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo-X

1. Conversion Obsession
2. Inspired by the Real Deal
3. Up Close and Personal


1. Conversion Obsession

Conversions in the automotive scene are something that is very common these days. This is due to the relative ease of mixing and matching parts across various platforms. In Malaysia, it is very common to see Proton Wiras and Wajas converted to their not-so-distant cousin; the Mitsubishi Lancer/Charisma.



The Proton Wira started production in the early 90s and was targeted among young families. It was modelled from the Mitsubishi Lancer, with styling borrowed from the Colt, and the Galant. The Wira, which means ‘Hero’ in Malay, was the family car for its time and due to its resemblance and almost near-identity to the Lancer, many enthusiasts went the extra mile to convert their Wiras to Lancers.



Fast forward to today, the trend of conversion is still prevalent in the Malaysian Automotive scene. One of Proton’s sedan-of-the-day is the Proton Inspira. Similar to the Wira, the Inspira is modelled from present-day Lancer. There are many ‘Lancerfied’ Inspiras, but rarely do you come across an ‘Evo-fied’ Inspira. And when we mean ‘Evo-fied’, we mean converting the Inspira to an all-out Evo-X, the poster boy of Mitsubishi’s all-wheel drive, turbocharged, high performance sedan, built for power and rally-like handling.


2. Inspired by the Real Deal

What we have today is a prime example of this particular conversion. Xiao Hong got his Inspira five years ago, and had no intention of modding it whatsoever. But car guys being car guys, when you get that itch, you’re gonna be scratching it for as long as you can. Seeing his buddies’ mod their cars got Xiao Hong into gear in upgrading and uprating his Inspira. What you see today is the culmination of various engine (heart) breaks, broken parts, shattered dreams, lack of sleep, and plenty of head scratching.

On first sight, you would think ‘who would mod their Evo-X to this extent’? Well, to begin with, it started off as an Inspira. Xiao Hong’s first mods were ICE (In-Car Entertainment; radio, speakers, amps, woofers etc.) and a slick paint job. Moving on, he tried out the stance style, which suited the car as it had a long-ish profile when slammed.

Then came the performance stuff; Xiao Hong transplanted a 2.4 liter Lancer Sportback engine into his Inspira, together with BOT (bolt-on turbo) setup running 2-bar. Xiao Hong had to learn the hard way as this led to a blown engine and broken heart. But being the determined fellow he is (most car guys are really determined lahh), he set his mind and heart straight by putting in a 2-liter turbocharged 4B11 engine sourced from a demised Evo-X. The Evo-X must be smiling in carparts heaven knowing its heart has been transplanted into a fine piece of machine, built by Xiao Hong.



Engine stuff settled, came another headache; sourcing a manual gearbox (because real men use three .. no actually it doesn’t really matter) for his INSPEVO. There were less than 10 gearboxes available in Malaysia and Xiao Hong had to customize it to suit his needs.

All of this was to be completed before Art of Speed, an annual autoshow that highlights Malaysia’s hottest and finest builds. Xiao Hong spent the last two days cracking his head on how to properly get the setup done, and done in a reliable way. And if you were wondering, yes Xiao Hong went the extra mile in putting in a proper Evo-X four-wheel drive system into his INSPEVO.


3. Up Close and Personal

Seeing the car in the flesh is really something. There are many converts on the roads these days, but none will capture your attention the way Xiao Hong’s does. First of all is the wide body kit that really imposes itself in its setting. The flares and the perfect wheel fitment really accentuate the masculinity of the car, with no clue at all to its original car model. You would not guess it was an Inspira. Next up on the eye-catching list is the color; you’ve probably seen this color elsewhere, in the pages of Stancenation of Speedhunters as this is a very sought after color for car builders. But very rarely you see this color done perfectly in Malaysia. Third on the list is the massive Voltex GT-wing which exudes the need to keep the car plastered on the road during high speed runs and corners.



One particular feature that catches the eye is the tucking of the front fender into the wheel well. This screams ‘time-attack!’ and aids in proper cooling of the massive blue Evo-X Brembo brakes hidden behind the 18-inch 10.5jj (!) RE30s.

Yes, you can say this car screams Style, and Speed. The bright purple custom roll cage and the green TAKATA racing harness help in adding some flair and color into the cockpit, coupled with BRIDE racing bucket seats.



To date, Xiao Hong has spent upwards of RM500k on his ride. Some of you might ask, why not just buy an Evo? Well, where’s the fun in that? The satisfaction of knowing you built your own outweighs any monetary value. Xiao Hong can proudly announce to the world, ‘I’ve built my own Evo, and I built it my way’. Something not many others can say.


Modification List
– Replica RE30 10.5jj, offset 22, 18 inch
– Rays Lock Nut
– Evo X Brembo Brake Kit
– Custom 3″ Stainless Steel Exhaust System
– HKS Hipermax IV GT
– Custom Roll Cage
– UR Bar
– Full Evo-X S-AWC 4WD System

– 4B11-T
– 20G Custom Turbo
– HKS Racing Blow Off
– Custom Piping
– Apexi Intercooler
– Power Division Racing Hi-Cam & Valve Spring
– MAP Intake Manifold
– Wiseco 87mm Oversize Forge Piston
– ARP Engine Bolt
– Custom Silicone Engine Mounting
– Stock Evo X Ecu
– 1200cc injectors x 4
– AVS Con Rod
– Simota Air Filter
– Evo-X 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
– OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
– Power output estimated 400 BHP

– Custom Widebody By Fizi Works Garage
– Vortex Custom Carbon GT Wing
– Front Custom Diffuser
– Carbon Fiber Hood
– Shell Grey Paintjob
– Evo-X Windscreen and Windows

– Fully Convert Evo-X Dashboard
– Defi Meter X8 (Fuel Pressure/ Oil Pressure/ Water Temp/ Oil Temp/ Intake Temp/ Boost/ Rpm/ Exhaust Temp)
– Bride BN Sport Bucket Seat
– Evo-X Steering