Team Dream Chaser – Malaysia Championship Series 2017 Round 1


We were privileged enough to visit Dream Chaser Malaysia’s pits last weekend for the first round of the Malaysia Championship Series 2017. It was a hot weekend for the crew as they were busy prepping their cars for the harrowing 1-hour race that would pit their team against some of the best drivers of the series. The practice session consisted of a combination of wet/dry weather, causing the teams to scramble between both types of setups.


Dream Chaser Malaysia is a racing team that scouts for new talent, and helps push them to achieve their dreams of becoming an aspiring racecar driver. For this season, they have their star driver Geraldine Read, who has competed in the previous season driving car #312, a black Satria Neo with bright pink highlights (you won’t miss it out on the track!), CY Ong & newcomer Damien Yum driving a Satria Neo #101, and veterans Alex Wong & Brendon Lin driving a Suzuki Swift #150. All three cars are competing in the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) class which features smaller cars such as the Satria Neo and the Suzuki Swift.



Sarah Lian

The first race began at 2pm with track temperatures in the high 50s. With this type of heat, the drivers had to stay hydrated and relied heavily on their cooling suits to make sure they could endure the 1-hour race. Race manager CY (who is also team owner) highlighted that their strategy helped the team jump to P3 during the first part of the race, but this advance on the track was hampered midway when the safety car was deployed. This led them to an overall position of 5th, 6th and 7th for Race 1.



Race 2 provided more drama on the circuit as budding driver Damien (car #101) and Geraldine (car #312) made contact while dogfighting their way through Turn 9. Shortly after, car #312 made its way into the pit lane for the compulsory 3-minute pit stop which allowed the pit crew to fix and fasten the dislodged bumper caused by the collision with Damien.

Geraldine commented that they both were engaged in their own battle on the track as Damien was going all out to give Geraldine a good fight. Despite this, Geraldine who is known to be quite the competitive type, gave her 100% to defend her position, not letting even her own teammate get past her. CY remarked that by creating this sort of competition within the team helped prep the drivers to compete with the bigger boys throughout the season. It won’t be long until Geraldine and Damien challenge car #150’s timing achieved by both Alex and Brendan.



Dream Chaser Malaysia achieved a 6th, 7th and 8th position for the second race. As commented by their race manager, Geraldine and Damien showed tremendous effort on the track but were hindered by various setbacks. With four more rounds to go, CY has faith in the teams capabilities and is looking forward to Round 2 in April.