Last Saturday we joined a group of Nissan Skyline R33 owners on a road trip down south to Jelebu via the winding b-roads of Kuala Klawang. The group, aptly named THIRTY THR33 TRIBE, is a group of R33 owners including various types across the whole platform; GTST and GTRs. All sharing the same passion for their R33 machines, built by Nissan between 1993 to 1997.



The drive began at 8am, all drivers collected at the Bukit Nanding Petronas and some were already there as early as 6am! More than 20 cars in total, with some additional S14 cars in tow joining in on the fun. An intoductory safety briefing was given by the Group Leader before we began our drive via the infamous Touge route of Kuala Klawang.



The drive was (roughly) divided into two groups; the faster ones up front and the slower ones in the back. Slow in a sense that they just wanted to go for a chill and relaxed drive instead of burning too much rubber and fuel. The first stop was the 33km marker which was a crest of a hill with a magnificent view of the morning sun. As usual, there were many cyclists that morning enjoying the morning ride, only to be interrupted by a bunch of fast-moving rev-happy bunch of car guys. Despite this, special consideration was given to the pedal-powered people movers.



After a few kilometers of winding and twisting roads, we reached our first destination; Restoran Jelebu. We enjoyed our breakfast there, consisting of Nasi Lemak and also cendol which was on the house. The restaurant was packed with R33 owners and everyone was having a good time enjoying each other’s company.


After an hour, we all moved out to our final destination; the Ulu Jelebu dam. The drive to the dam was a bit of a challenge as the group overshot the small road which leads to the dam. Once back on track we had to endure another 5 kilometers of village road driving, transversing one-lane bridges and cliff-hugging roads.



Once everyone arrived at the dam, the cars were arranged for a quick shoot while everyone had their lunch by the river. The day was HOT! A special competition was held to award the best stock, JDM, aftermarket engine bay and overall kit of the cars followed by a rev-battle to show which R33 means the most business. It was an experience like none other, traveling more than 70km with a bunch of proud R33 owners.



The drive ended at 3pm with drivers using the highway to go back to KL. Some drivers came from as far as Johor to join this drive, having to leave their homes as early as 3am. This comes to show that car guys passion for their hobby surpasses time and space. We look forward to joining more events and drives like this. Thanks for having us THIRTY THR33 TRIBE!