Bobo’s Bonafide Honda Jazz GK5 – Fitted with Spoon Goodies

Everyone driving on Malaysian roads would be familiar with Honda’s B-segment car, the Honda Jazz. Known in Japan and other markets as the Honda Fit, it is a small, zippy car built for ultimate city driving as it comes with a fuel-efficient, 1.5l VTEC engine mated to a 7-speed CVT gearbox. Most people buy this ‘mini-MPV’ for its utilitarian and ease-of-driving aspect, driving it is a simple and straightforward affair as it gets the job done.

Today we have a unique specimen of a Spoon-ified Honda Jazz, which belongs to the wife of Bobo. Bobo himself is a hot hatch enthusiast and a racer for Dream Chaser Malaysia, has always been a loyal fan of the Honda brand. We asked Bobo, why a Honda Jazz? His answer was simple; He wanted a hatchback, and he wanted a ‘tuneable’, 4-door Honda. Bobo claims that he is a Honda lover, and a Spoon enthusiast. So with that, his choices were limited to the Honda Jazz, which he bought for his wife (or so he claims) in January 2016.

Being an avid Spoon enthusiast, the only route Bobo chose for his modification wishlist were, you guessed it, full on Spoon parts. This car is fully decked with Spoon goodies. Let’s start with the basics first; the engine. Bobo has kept modifications on the engine at a minimum as he believes the engine is well-suited for his (wife’s) daily driving. He doesn’t want to focus on the engine for now as he is more focused on the other tiny tidbits of the car. Although he does have plans on implanting an L15B Fit RS engine and eventually supercharge it. For now the only items under the hood is a K&N drop in air filter, RNE Performance throttle body spacer, Splitfire voltage stabilizer, and a Supercircuit exhaust manifold.

Items bearing the Spoon brand are; Spoon exhaust system, Spoon oil and radiator cap, Spoon tank cover and a carbon fiber Spoon hood that adds some contrast to the white body, decked with a full Fit RS body kit.

For the handling department, Bobo has mounted his Jazz with Tein Flex Z coilovers, with front Ultra Racing tower strut bars to maintain rigidity. Massive blue Spoon Twin Block calipers help Bobo’s (wife) bring the 1088kg car to stop, which is wrapped around 15” SSR Type C wheels donning Bridgestone Potenza RE003s on all four corners of the car.

The interior of the car features an RS conversion with the Spoon steering Gen3 wheel complete with a Spoon Boss kit (you can’t get any more Spoon-ier than that) being the centre of attraction. DC5 Type-S seats help hold the driver and passenger in place during high speed grocery trips.

Bobo mentioned he was invited to join the ‘Fit Fest’ in Thailand, a gathering of Honda Jazz/Fit owners but had second thoughts of driving the car up north. We wonder if probably the wife had a say in the decision because he eventually took a flight to join the gathering.

The ultimate objective while modding the car was to achieve a total, super-clean, uncluttered car that would stand out. We love how Bobo has transformed a rather average, plain-jane people mover into a menacing, track-like, efficient toy car that wouldn’t mind spending the weekend at the Sepang Circuit for a casual trackday. Given the list of mods and the background of the driver, we believe this car could give bigger (and more expensive) cars a run for the money out on the circuit!

• Stock 1.5l VTEC
• K&N drop in air filter
• RNE Performance Throttle Body Spacer
• Splitfire Voltage Stabilizer
• Thailand custom earth cable
• SUN Auto Earth Cable
• SuperCircuit header
• Spoon Twin Block Caliper
• Spoon 282 Rotors
• Projectu Brake Pads
• Hel Performance Brake Lines
• Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit
• Tein Flex Z
• Front Ultra Racing Strut Bar
• Hard Race Lower Arm Brace
• UltraRacing Cross-Member Brace
• Rear Hard-Race Lower Body Brace
• Rear Cusco Anti-Roll Bar
• Rear Thailand C-Pillar Bar
• Rear Beatrush Strut Bar
• Spoon Rigid Colar
• SSR Tyre C 15×7 Offset 32
• Bridgestone Potenza RE003s
• Spoon Steering Gen3
• Spoon Boss Kit
• Works Bell Japan Flip Up Adaptor
• Spoon Rear View Mirror
• Dc5 Type S Seats
• Seeker Meter Holder
• M7 Info Meter
• Defi Thailand
• RS Convertion Interior
Body parts
• Full Fit RS Convertion
• Front Valiant Lip
• Rear Valiant Diffuser
• Front RS Projector Headlights
• Spoon Decal
• Custom Carbon Side Mirror Cover