Almost every motoring enthusiast in Malaysia has heard of Motorsport Playground, the one-stop center for your car-wrapping needs. The man behind the brand is none other than Remus “Supremus” Chang, the proud owner of this chrome wrapped Nissan GTR R35 donning the newly launched Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tires. Remus has had the chance of using the new Asymmetric 3 for the past couple of months and has positive reviews on the new Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tires.

Being a petrol-head himself, Remus finds himself pushing his machine to the limit and has always been on the lookout for tires that are suited for his high-performance driving style.

Remus managed to squeeze in a few minutes of his time to talk about the Asymmetric 3 tires during his working visit to Korea. Remus himself is someone who drives aggressively so when he got the chance to whack these tires on his GTR, he said they were a Godsend.

He mentioned that with these tires, he was able to drive faster into the corners without losing grip, speed or assurance. The way the Asymmetric 3 holds its form really does boost confidence in his driving and allows him to squeeze every ounce of power out of his tuned GTR. Remus recently had the chance of driving on track and found that the experience with the new tires very exhilarating. Compared to his previous choice of tires, the new Asymmetric 3 had very minimal deformation in the corners and did not lose traction when driven hard.

Another aspect of the tire that he pointed out was the excellent wet braking capabilities the tire displayed during heavy rain. Living in a country that experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year, having UHP tires that perform in the wet is something that is crucial in Remus’s everyday drive. Maintaining control of a GTR on a wet road is something that can be quite terrifying but when equipped with the correct tires, you will not lose confidence. The last point that Remus highlighted was the Asymmetric 3’s performance during high speed runs. The tires hold their line perfectly when driven fast and also significantly reduce noise and road vibration, which contributes to the overall comfort of driving, even for a GTR.

“With these [tires] I can make my moves faster around the curves, bends and into the tunnels and up the bends again confidently by giving me the grip without the slightest slip. Not only in the dry, but also when it is slippery while wet. I’m still in total control of the motion”.

Remus highlights that the qualities he found in these tires are super grippy characteristics in dry and in the wet, a shorter braking distance required, and a much quieter ride compared to his previous choice of rubbers.

Remus has expressed very positive feedback from the tires and believes that if you are someone that is looking for control, grip and comfort for high performance driving, look no further than Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tires.