Mcclubz was sparked by the passion for all things automotive. With our expertise in photography, it was decided that we could combine our two passions and turn it into something that can showcase our passion and enthusiasm for the automobile.

It all began with with taking pictures of our friends pride and joy as a pastime. Consequently, our artworks were sought by various types of people, ranging from social media sites, magazines, business and automotive events.

It was then that we realized – hey, we can actually turn this into an exciting platform for anything related to automotive and photography.

Mcclubz was founded back in February 2011 with the sole objective of uniting all car clubs and groups in Malaysia. Since its inception, Mcclubz has been heavily involved in the local automotive scene, and has recently begun to spread its wings to international arenas.

To date, Mcclubz has a slew of services offered related to the automotive scene in Malaysia such as;

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Event Design and Management
  • Design
  • Social Media Management